apparently Tesla has a "pool" at one of their supercharger stations in Germany to use while you're charging your car

this is the pool. lmao

A Pleroman wanders in to my mentions and says "block me." Glad to oblige.

And for added hilarity, the chud who waltzed in to my mentions a bit ago and said "we've all been here long before you" joined Mastodon on January 28th, 2022. Not too bright, are they?

@breakfastgolem you're saying isn't an instance that should be extended the presumption of innocence?

It'd be nice to be able to block based on agent type because at this point, there are no instances on Pleroma that aren't worth blocking.

Block rec, racism/idiocy within 

These pieces of shit make it incredibly easy to block. They're all the same.


@breakfastgolem [observational humour about how you have breakfast in your display name]

Cinnamon swirl for you my friend, it's a subtle flavor, but it has a great kick to it; the cinnamon isn't overpowering, but the oats would be flat without them

And much like this is high fiber, and high fiber isn't always appreciated, you're the fiber of the timeline; it just wouldn't be the same without your posts helping smooth it along

assuming it's not a knockoff reproduction, this album went out of production after a single pressing in '78 because of a church-organized letter writing campaign. real collectors item.

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i've gotten out of the habit of checking in on vinyl collector ebay over the past couple years but i am precariously close to snagging this.

@sexybenfranklin @breakfastgolem @deneb counterpoint: words are spells that allow me to insert my thoughts into other people's brains

I think it's time to move on from Jorts. It's two revisions behind and the admin posts maybe once every few months. Someone give me a good instance to go to that would be able to handle my power and big muscles.

"hello yes this is pierogi's foster parent? i think there was a mixup, i seem to have adopted a dog"

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