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The Internet of Beans is but a click away, but alas 😔

I don't care what anybody says or thinks! I am a G*mer and I love my curvy monitor 😍 🖥️

whoever is going around putting insanely juicy butts on programming language mascots needs to be stopped!

Say what you will about their intentions, but the guys behind Iran Contra were really thinking outside the box 💯

one must consider sisyphus happy?

wrong. i do not have to consider sisyphus at all. he's nothing to me. not my problem.

if anything, i'm glad he's being punished for his hubris.

:drake_dislike: US congress 🤡 🏛️
:drake_like: sexual congress :bloblewd:

Follow this account for more absolute bangers :blobdab:

maths fact: the word dodecahedron has 12 letters in it 🤯

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