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2020: The year of Linux on the desktop!

πŸ’» + 🐧 = 😍

lol my witch grandma is currently going in on elon musk saying he doesn't get to deserve to fund space missions and his truck looks ugly and people who drive them should get run off the road. get his ass grandma!!!

worry not, i came up with "DAFTMANGO" as a better replacement for "FAANG" to make sure disney, microsoft, twitter, and oracle don't get left out

a game where one player is declared the winner at the start by random chance and nothing can change that fact but the game keeps insisting that you can still win

starting a gofundme to pay immortal technique to throw lin-manuel miranda into a trashcan again

Guy just cut the line at the supermarket. Was *this* close to failing No Tut November

"ladies and gentlemen"
-reinforces the gender binary

-straight to the point
-inclusive of oppressed minorities

Stanning your wife has no gender

πŸ‘° :blobheart:

:promoted: This toot was brought to you by the inter-sectional alliance of wife-persons.

We talk about wife-guys on here a lot, but I just want to take a minute and say:

Dear wife-enbys and wife-girls: you are seen, appreciated and valid πŸ‘

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