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A CRISPR baby but the only change is that there is an SQL injection attack coded in to the genome so that if it is ever sequenced, it drops all the tables in the company database

listen. there are finite ways of arranging matter in conjunction with the laws of physics. i did not "invent" the Gay Car, i discovered it

dont talk to me about bytes. computers aren’t even real

Nurse: xir, youve been in a coma for 3 years

Me: oh boy, i cant wait to see how my favorite [intersectional feminism] has [united the Left]

Knuckle tattoos and DOS filenames = same energy

i don't care if I don't understand what your post means. it's not gonna stop me from boosting

Getting a rib removed to make another human out of it. Anyone done this one yet?

*slaps roof of Paleolithic Age* this bad boy can fit so many Lower Paleolithics in it

happy to announce we just got done recording the first episode of the Chaos Podcast, with molly, max, and truckfreak. covering molly's shitty school, why everyone in florida doesn't just leave, and even epstein!

unfortunately none of us remembered to record the episode so the Chaos Podcast is now canceled until the next time that i get the urge to do this

"no, i'm the real one!" is always such a bizarre reflex to observe in clone narratives. who cares? you're both real and you're both valid, now go and live your dreams twice as hard!

@laser literally muting you, you brought this on yourself

*zizek voice* he was on the right path in a way, selfagency in the bofa implosion. you must have the online breakdown and you must direct it at yourself but you must direct it in a very specific way. at what chains you, what ties you to the ruling class of online

fuck it im starting a podcast and everybody can come on

the only people who can call themselves a "self-made man" are trans men

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