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DUMBLEDORE: I know it’s my job to talk to the muggle prime minister but if Corbyn was elected I don’t think I would do it

@3_3van DRACO: please, father, sing me that old lullaby you used to sing when I was a child

LUCIUS: we want to thank you for flying with us. We know you coulda stayed home just cried and cussed may all your guns go off if it’s time to bust May all they tanks have time to rust they got the armies turning bullets into gold they got the hookers turning tricks in the cold and every time the police kicks in the door the angel gas break dips in the o and even if a d boy flips him an o it ain’t enough

@3_3van DRACO: red hair, hand-me down books... you must be a Weasley. Bourgeoisie scum, the Weasleys, keeping all that wealth concentrated in one family. My dad was the leader of ANTIFA

@3_3van DUMBLEDORE: I don’t usually fuck with that muggle shit but this Tony Blair has some bangers.

fucked up how there are over 10 000 animes about a high schooler being transported into bouncy tits world but none about deregulation of the markets

every day is trans day of whatever im doing that day bc im trans

haemorrhaging followers.... this is repression, to me

@papa @sir

Here's a quick history of copyright law:

The Statute of Anne (1710) was the first government-regulated act in the western world and it boiled down to a pact with the printing guilds trading monopoly for censorship.

The U.S. constitution (1787) tried to salvage the idea by granting congress the power "to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts". ("useful Arts" meaning maps ant the like)

That's why the Copyright Act of 1790 only protects "maps, charts, and books" but not things like music or newspapers.

Also, it was intentionally designed to allow American to ignore foreign copyrights and that was key to the U.S. becoming the cultural juggernaut that it is today.

(On a side-note, Hollywood is in California because it was beyond the reach of Thomas Edison's patent lawyers.)

From what I remember, the modern scope of copyright involved a chain of legal goalpost-moving where they first managed to argue that a book of sheet music was a book and thus managed to get rid of the "musical compositions aren't protected" and then managed to argue that, because a piece of sheet music is protected, a recording of that sheet music should also be protected.

Examples of things still not copyrightable include clothing designs, jokes, and recipes.

LMAO at idiots who think we need "unions" or "abolition of indentured servitude"; just grow a spine and stand up for yourself, you commie cowards.


It's illegal to exploit people without their consent, so if ur being taken advantage of: just tell your boss to stop.


it costs $3 to boost my posts. also this has been applied retroactively

@cronjager actually youre violating the NAP by boosting my posts without having paid me

whipping my unpaid interns at my highly illegal posting factory to produce more and better jokes. 'ancapping my dick and balls'? what the shit is this! terrible

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