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Heiroglyphics-fact: The Egyptians were streets ahead of other civilizations when it comes to hog-posting

Happy to announce that lockdown has allowed me to finally realize my dream of becoming a professional shitposter 😁

If I ever find the guy who invented wind, I'm punching him straight in the jaw 😀

yeah, i like poached eggs. everything tastes better when it's stolen

Here at Bell Labs, my team and I have been working tirelessly to accheive the holy grail of cheesemaking: the Adult Bel

πŸ§€ :blobcheerbounce:

It is my firm belief that the only medium of communication worse than emails is whatever we will end up replacing them with.

I just discovered something that might put my life at risk but I feel the need for the world to know is too great to worry about the consequences at this point.

I've just discovered that razer is undoubtedly a front for siciliy to spread its culture all over the world by converting gamers into sicilians. now that you're equipped with this knowledge you need to use it to protect yourself. don't fall for their schemes!

lewd joke 

the term "dishonourable discharge" actually refers to jacking off without your commanding officer's permission.

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