If you ever think you have poor judgement, please remember that the 1908 editor of Puck magazine thought this image was a sick burn against suffragettes.

It's in the public domain BTW; If you wan't to use it for anything, the library of congress has high-res scans available:

@cronjager Love the mom exasperated with her kids at the table

@_ampersand love the 'gentlemans parlor' in the back. This image is full of little fantastic details.

@cronjager "Little Mother Brewing," yet another time this artist thought he was cutting deep and instead just making awesome ideas.

Punch fucked up big time by not arming all these women with swords.

Wait what. Puck magazine not Punch. Same shit different name. I could put you up some misogyny from Private Eye from this century and all that's changed is the drafting has gone down the toilet.

@bryn yeah. Just a chill place to hang with the gals and enjoy some FREE LUNCH, some liquor, and a smoke 🀩

@cronjager no less embarrassing than the cartoonist who never stopped to consider "did I accidentally draw the coolest woman to ever exist?"

@cronjager How is this not already the premise for a TV show? Just by their facial expression, pose, and outfit, each of those ladies is already more intriguing than most people on network TV. It could be called "Another Period" and we could forget that that was already a show on Comedy Central about ladies in the past :-P

and suffragettes were like, "this, but unironically"

@cronjager bridge cocktails, free fudge, gigantic hats, relaxed atmosphere... I mean, let's just go now


@cronjager the boxer in the poster looks kinda like Trump and that's one of the few actually unfortunate things about this otherwise excellent tableau


@archivist yeah. Now that you mention it, it's har to un-see. At least it's still nice to imagine a world where the guy gets beat up for a living rather than run the Government 🀷

I'm pleased to report this picture still bangs. Think I'm just going to gaze at it for 5 mins after work every day now.

I read through the comments and I didn't see any love for:
Three (3) spittoons in view; and
Live boxing and racing result via ticker tape (the Mastodon of its day)

Just had to put that right.

Also, I still can't get over the woman who is clearly thinking about heterosexuality being a mistake. You know who.

@cronjager conservative predictions of the dire hell future consistently look like a pretty good time

@cronjager how is this not an ad for a saph bar and why cant i go drink there

I sort of do/don't want to know what this illustrator's take is on black people.

Still hooting like a foghorn at this pic. How the fuck has a man (I assume this is a man) drawn so many on point handbags.

@floppyplopper you can say what you want about the guys opinions, but he sure knew his craft
πŸ‘œ :blobheart:

If your bar doesn't have a woman wearing an actual helm in the style of the goddess Britannia and epaulettes, carrying a cane while sprawling all the way across the bar; well then I'm afraid it's a 1/5 on Tripadvisor from me.

[to the theme music from Cheers (1982--93)]
Where everybody knows you're gay
And they're always glad you came

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