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*to the tune of Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta by the Getto Boys*

damn it feels good to be a gamer

*everyone starts yelling at me*

Seriously there's like ten of the fuckin things in current production

Why are there so many kinds of dremels. What purpose could this possibly serve except to confuse me.

I swear to God I'm about to take a dremel to these DAMN nails

The original Smash Brothers were Cain and Abel

how i'm trying to look in the winter vs how I end up actually looking every gat damn year

I feel like I've had this cold for about eight years at this point

windows 10 voice

oopsy woopsy !! we made a fucky wucky x3~~~ your computer crashed lmao uwu :((((((

HELL yeah, time to cash the FUCK out, I hope you losers are ready for a continuous stream of nothing but Arby's™ :promoted: Promoted content on this website from now on!!!!


*bon jovi voice*
this is a song if you shid and farded

Imagine going back in time to WWII brittain and walking up to an orphan and going "it's all gonna be ok, in the future you can watch strangers dressed up like Shrek and donkey fuck on your telephone"

@healyn look at this albert einstein lookin motherfucker, you look like a dog fucked a nerd. go eat a leaf.

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boost Communist Accordion Cat to bless a timeline

The year is 2020. There are 94 federally-recognized genders but, paradoxically, it is now illegal to type "im gay"

something something Crime Cop

Guess what new people - this is fuckin MASTODON and there’s only ONE RULE: follow the shitload of new and arbitrary rules every user of this site makes up every day for how to use it. Rule number two? Always be making up rules

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