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here's a picture I made for reply guys, free for distribution to my masto buds

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Johny Johny

yes papa

summoning the ancients

no papa

telling lies

no papa

what's that behind you

H̵̡̡̥̥̰̣̝̱͉̳̻͇̱̀ͅẢ̶̡̝̫̺̮̟̖̥̣̻̭͔͔̈́̍͊͑̿͛̈́̈́̿͛͘͘ ̵̲̮͖̟̩̰̲̝̹̹̗̿͐̎̉̇͗͋̎̋̒̀́̈́͜H̴̪̟͔̟̉́̒͌̎̅͛̌̀̕̚Ǎ̴̖̠͂̒̀̅͊̌͋̈́͐͝ ̷̨̘̬̠̥̺͕̂̇͒̚͝͝H̷̦̞̠̮͊̓́̽̀Ą̴̢̱͖̖͖̲͇̮̪͋͆̓

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*to the tune of Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta by the Getto Boys*

damn it feels good to be a gamer

*everyone starts yelling at me*

please do not waste my time reporting my users for "lacking general quality", it only makes their posts worse

Last night, @killeveryhetero worked late into the night, with support from @Luxotek, to make sure we could continue to enjoy our shitposting. This is how it went down, I assume:

if anyone has been thinking of joining or coming back to JORTS DOT HORSE :jhorse: and didn't because it was so out of date, well, now's your chance. sign-ups are re-enabled, we're running latest masto, and (afaik) we've never been at the center of a fedi controversy

downsides: absentee badmin who never posts

upsides: damn thats a sexy jorts horse logo :jorthorse:

i might need to disable sign-ups again if we get inundated with weird bot accounts like last time, but for now they're open!

bro did you just covet? did you just make unto thee a graven image bro?

The problem with libertarianism is that eventually you run out of other people's piss

please wear sunscreen if you're going out there (avoid oil-based or "waterproof" sunscreens if you can)

i think deserves a hand for literally never being the center of a fediverse controversy

lmao its still going... gonna have to turn off registration for a few days

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My unauthorized sequel to "The Silence of the Lambs" is scarier than the original in many ways. For example, it has a more frightening title, which is: "The Lambs Scream at You"

We're not even really sure that a person is doing it, it looks almost like a bot creating bots. Anyway whoever it is they dont seem to be actually *doing* anything

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Deleted another batch of about 30 bot accounts... not sure what the point of this behavior is

this was more of a joke than a serious request but I have still spent entirely too much time thinking about which animal I would be and come up completely empty, which is probably a sign that I am like negative-percent furry

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Questionable Content is a webcomic i enjoy despite my issues with it, but one thing do hold against jeph jacques is how many fucking incredible instance urls he's hoarding away

been inside for weeks and I still cant get anyone to give me a fursona. this is bullshit

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