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the internet isn't damaging my brain (five minutes later, sewing in a sleeve) Sleve McDichael lmao

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please do not waste my time reporting my users for "lacking general quality", it only makes their posts worse

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It has come to my attention that "bisexual" refers to once every two sexuals and not twice per sexual

i'm suffering for my hubris so bad right now bro. the gods are laughing at me dude

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shall I compare thee to a springtime day? thou art very hot but filled with bugs,

someone on the costume team for House fuckin hated Lisa Edelstein's guts. the fits are just atrocious

As a sex-repulsed asexual, I hate it when people have sex. That’s why this pride month I’m partnering with League of Legends

Jerry: you bungled the scrungle?
George: im a scrungler bungler jerry!!!

Logging in to the Serious Politics Account to post takes like "She Durbin on my Dick till I represent Illinois in the United States Senate"

2023 NBA Finals My cooking skills

sorry about texting you every page of that manga as I read it last night, I had a nasty case of kirkland signature hard cider

tired of the "GIF: jif or gif?" debate. it's time for "jender vs gender"

censoring my agatha christie novels by hand to remove the p-word (poirot)

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