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10 reasons why you should join
- become ungonverable
- become autonomous
- less work, more freetime
- use freetime for direct action
- shoplifting is loads of fun, and u should check zines on helping getting psychologically ready
- more time for participating, joining and create mutual aid groups
- more time for music, culture, talks, social, enjoying
- less work, consumption, killing, depressive

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Peepz... I dont want your favourites.. I want your boost.. expand all the networks!!!

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#introduction Hello, I'm Floyd.

Most of my time is spent writing code and thinking about security, but what I really want to do is drink coffee and pet dogs.

I'm mostly hear to read what you wonderful people have to say, but I may also post here and there.


cops are not labor.

they are slave catchers, bail extortionists and state-controlled terrorists who only exist to serve the interests of the American oligarchy.

cops don't have #unions. they have union-busting gangs

image via

of #KaiserPermanent nurses on #strike sitting in a circle on the street to protest their hospital's refusal to negotiate with them while 3 times the amount of police encircle them

#UnionStrong #Solidarity

Georgia State Attorney General Chris Carr has indicted 61 people on charges of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in Fulton County.

The indictment includes 42 people previously charged with "terrorism" for allegedly participating in the movement to #StopCopCity, 3 people accused of distributing handbills, and the 3 people charged for organizing legal support for activists. The only thing that connects the indictees is that they have been arrested at some point, however randomly, and accused of protesting against the government's plan to destroy the Weelaunee Forest in order to build a police militarization compound.

The Fulton County prosecutor already withdrew from all cases related to the police training compound in June; likewise, the judge assigned this case immediately recused himself today.

Fulton County now has two competing RICO cases—one against Donald Trump, one against those accused of protesting the construction of the police training center—the former prosecuted by the county District Attorney, a Democrat, and the latter by the state Attorney General, a Republican.

This clumsily constructed case represents politically driven repression aimed at all forms of activism, in the style of Vladimir Putin.


NEW: The Orlando Nazi rally organized by the GDL and Blood Tribe this weekend was made possible by a handful of tech companies that provide crucial services to the two white supremacist groups.

Check the site for ways to contact the companies supporting these Nazis.

reminder... it's not to late, it's not fine, it's exactly the time to demand action.

“Less pope, more houses”
Seen in Lisbon, Portugal right before the Pope’s visit

We are going for the “largest zucchini” at the local fair next month 🤣
#garden #photography

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