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🎢 poo pee, wherever you may be
I am the lord of the poopoo pee
and I'll leak it all wherever I may be
and i'll leak on you, all my poo and pee 🎢

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This probably includes discord and various other apps.

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If lots of sites aren't loading for you today out of nowhere, it's a cloudflare DNS problem.

"Sand? In your foreskin?

It's more likely than you think!"

:8b_f:​:8b_r:​:8b_e:​:8b_e: :8b_p:​:8b_c: :8b_c:​:8b_h:​:8b_e:​:8b_c:​:8b_k:

Stupid yoga making my stupid body feel good, fuck you 😑

if only there were some other way to hear about team 1 and team 2, like uhh some sorta 'sports' 'news' sites or something.

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Saw a dot social poster talking about how the 'mods of popular sports accounts won't move to mastodon' like that was a bad thing somehow?

Sports accounts have the absolute fucking worst followings second only to mainstream news accounts.

Oh noooo I can't see if team 1 beat team 2 and read all the homophobic, transphobic, racist and misogynist shit in their replies booo hoooooo 😭

TFW you get a new hat that's not as comfy as the old one.

🎢 all the other chicks with the pumped up clits you better run better run, outrun my cum 🎢

You might think the main downside of fucking a clown would be all that honkhonking but actually it's that it's a bitch to get greasepaint out of the car seats.

Can't remember which of you jorts comrades suggested this, but here is the deeply cursed nofap sarah connor pchop you asked for.

"I must not fear, fear is the mindkiller" - Yoda, the klingon from Babylon5

I don't waken up and start analysing and critiquing my dreams for being unrealistic, consequently I enjoy my dreams a lot more.

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