Yes, if I squint just right, I can see a scenario where fascism is gasping for breath, resorting to terrorism, and eating itself.

I just need you to understand a couple of things first before you tell me this is over:

A) fascism and fascist movements ALWAYS exist on the point of a knife; being "in crisis" is their default state - it's not determinative.

B) the problem with a fascist civil war in a society that doesn't stop fascists, is sooner or later one fascist wins and they unite again.

The sad truth is that this is just the beginning. I know that hurts to hear, but we are speeding towards some objective realities that are not going to vanish because of deft political manuevering.

The planet is boiling; capitalism goes or we do. The rich people funding fascism to make sure capitalism, not people, survives the climate apocalypse are not going to give up because Peter Thiel's candidates bombed out everywhere outside of Ohio.

They are playing for the whole marble; the big marble

@AnarchoNinaWrites liberals when Obama wins: RACISM IS OVER, HOORAY FOR US, WE'RE SO VIRTUOUS AND GOOD!
*Obama governs like a generic Repulbican*
Yes, Greatest President Ever!
Conservatives when Trump wins:
Ok, this is our shot at taking over the Supreme Court, let's fucking go
*they do*
Ok now Biden can pretend to be in charge for a few years bc we actually run everything lol

Fuck this anger over Brittney Griner's release from Russia!!! The fucking racism, misogyny, nazism, and homophobia is off the fucking hook!!!!!

THIS is why we are forced to say Black Lives Matter - cause it's in question.

THIS is why we are forced to arm to protect Queens.


I've installed on my laptop today. My last go was 5+ years ago and the learning curve kicked my ass. Maybe I'm smarter now? Probably I'll rage-quit and splat a few Dungeon demigods or draconians to cope.

alcohol, artificial philosophers 

Me: *nods head thoughtfully while listening to and pouring more tequila*


I have a new answer ready if I'm asked what I agree on with Trump: the US Constitution should be replaced.

Its property protections clearly don't work for the people and we're unable to change it for the last century. Many countries have replaced theirs (France is on their fifth).

It's funny to watch the libs pearl-clutching over this (and not wingnuts for once). The Constitution isn't a holy text (nothing is).

@selfagency this was the original four-square. You can see the top left nailed it right off, then it went on some WILD interpretations, though I do like that denim saddle.

i hope you guys understand that my posts are gonna be insufferable in a week when dwarf fortress steam edition comes out and i just keep posting inscrutable, contextless bits of content like "holy shit the blacksmith, Glup Shitto, flew into a rage and threw his wife into the Elephant Lava Chasm and is now slaughtering an entire contingent of elven traders wielding his legendary artifact hammer made of dolphin foreskins, Glöbokshittîr,"

I deleted my twitter. Elon is replying to Kanye with notes on Jesus and telling Him he agrees with Jesus and I know that this is not the work of Jesus. Kanye seems possessed to me. I do not support twitter. I will be on here from now on. I lost 6k followers. But it doesn't matter. Doing the right thing matters.

If articles about the US were written like how the US writes about China 

Tensions reached a high this week as the US regime sought to quell an uprising among rail workers, who called for an immediate end to the country's authoritarian rule. Biden, who narrowly beat his predecessor, has ruled on the basis of an ancient concept in Anglo philosophy called "taxation without representation," in which representation of the taxed is said to anger one's household Jesus. Biden invoked this concept by calling on Congress' two parties (the Large Old Persons' Party and the Weak Blue Ass Party) to violently quash the protesters by any means necessary. Moves by the Biden regime to silence opposition by making token concessions have been met with even more widespread global condemnation, at a time when the US seeks to present itself as capable of one day joining civilized nations. Biden has repeatedly refused calls to end the nation's dictatorial Infinite Covid policy.

Birdseye, eye contact 

After two years this meme has come full circle. Long game, well played.

Turning in my monthly report to my bosses at jorts:dot:horse here. Been with the company a week & averaging 82 toots/day. My quota was 100 & tomorrow their letting me go :yikes: :blobshrug: it’s been great working here with everyone & the friends u made along the way. Couldn’ta done it without y’all( cause I think boosting is counted as a toot)

I don't want to admit how long I studied the threading behavior today. Now I understand that one little arrow means it's a solo post but two little arrows means it's part of a thread.

I'm very sure that threads aren't displayed as described on though. I think threads may be broken by wall clock time.

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