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it was not my intention to imply that discussion of racism or other serious subjects is frivolous or to harm anyone in any way,
i try my best but i am fallible and still learning always

hope your week is lovely

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if you want to find a server admin just listen for the crying and rending of hair

i think there's a tendency to talk past each other on social media so if a post of mine ever upsets you feel free to message me or whatever and we can talk about it, i always try to do my best and hope your day is going well!

has anyone seen my girlfriend? i mean my exgirlfriend? how is she?

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the plot twist is that i am actually elon musk

im kind and gentle and nice and i would love for us to be pals

i hope you like people misinterpreting your posts and getting yelled at.

for example this post is racist against the dutch

coming back here and seeing familiar faces still in the posting trench reminds me of those japanese guys that'd get stuck on a island and think the war was still going on until they eventually get rescued by a cruise ship filled with drunk white guys in hawaiian shirts

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