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A bunch of baristas got together and pooled their pay data. It turns out raises are practically non-existent for people who work at coffee shops

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replace the fidget spinner with a saw blade and the synth part with an electric motor and then throw it down my pants while it's on please

uspol, survelliance capitalism 

remember when richard spencer said he preferred biden because he was more competent, this is what he is "more competent" at

Yeah no it’s called the fucken fediverse or some shit. It's a decentralised social network or some fucking thing I dunno tone

when one of your lifelong friends comes out as a trans girl that's a girled friend

Monads RPG signups 

If you want to be in the Monads RPG, I will need you to sign up here with a paragraph that is similar to the following (using positive 'is' statements, grouping related information together, keeping it simple and extremely clear), not to exceed 600 characters (ideally fewer):

Papa Smurf (key term won't count toward character limit):
Papa Smurf is a Monads user. Papa Smurf is a shitposter. Papa Smurf is a tankie. Papa Smurf's posts are gross and fucked up. Papa Smurf is dating the moms of everyone on Mastodon. Papa Smurf is bisexual. Papa Smurf is a trans enby. Papa Smurf is referred to by xe/xer pronouns. Papa Smurf Papa Smurf is a Muslim. Papa Smurf is a wizard. Papa Smurf is friendly to shitposters. Papa Smurf is hostile to strangers. Papa Smurf is the target of many pedants. Papa Smurf is undefeated by any hater.

Note: I may be adding character classes, etc later for fun, so ideally leave room if you can for classes and maybe factions? We'll see.

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