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every youtuber is weak as hell. i would fold idubbbz in two between my thumb and forefinger. i would swallow jake paul without taking a bite. i would slam dunk the irish fucker through the hoop like its nothing

You won't find better prices anywhere! We're practically giving genders away! Iiittt'sss

hey my 30th birthday is this saturday, if you'd like to get me something my wishlist is here

we've like.... literally always had cancel culture. deciding a human being has done bad stuff and we shouldn't associate with them anymore is a normal part of society my dude. it's just getting cancelled for practicing systemic prejudice in combination with the widespread reach of online communication that's new. rich ppl are just pissy you can get cancelled for being a bigoted fuck now

myosotis eddouardus the unofficial flower of mastodon, regionally they are known as "@-me-nots"

every late sixties beatles song was named some shit like "good morning mr shorning" and the shit head boomers ate it up

parasocial relationships are just sexless cuckolding

the people of mastodon venerate a dyad of saviour-figures referred to as 'garf' and 'sel', whose imminent return is expected and prayed for

i did not “leave coffee grounds in the dishwasher” i put them in on purpose, to make it clean faster

cars are over, now we rope ourselves to bears while screaming

social media, but once you get too many followers/too much influence, it says "congratulations, you won" and IP blocks you

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