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you can get an entire kit of security bits for like 4-14 bucks at harbor freight too

that kit includes the bits you need to take the pay lock off pay toilets and all kinds of dumb anti homeless shit

a fun tip for happy children: you can remove anti-homeless bars by unscrewing the “security screws” with a security torx such as the ones linked below this post

nsfw fem unabomber garfield Show more

cant wait until after the election so i can post things about “bourgeoisie electoralism” and go back to being cool, a rebel, the kind of person that wears a leather jacket and smokes

‪when your bud picks you up and as soon as you open the door soda bottles and burg wrappers spill out ‬

let's have a moment of appreciation for the reddit post where a ancap wanders into a greek anarchist squat and gets his ass beat (1/2)

if cancel culture is real than how come the ghastly woman who keeps materializing in my house wont stop no matter how many times I decapitated her

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