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welcome to the future, the future where we finally have mio water enhancer for dogs

making good choices, like smonking w33d and watching promare

crushing split between frenzied destruction and le locals is out now!
20 some hallucinatory minutes of manipulated trombone! long live the cult! frenzieddestruction.bandcamp.c

come watch me and aquatic bee tear it up on the 20th! or even better - bring your noise equipment and jam with us!

Anarchists in Portland snuck into a parking lot after a police murder and smashed in around a dozen police vehicles, destroying windows and the interior as well as tagging graffiti and dumping paint.

someone who was working on a audacity fork got stabbed over it? what a weird world we live in

my mom found out about the new classification of protests as domestic terrorism and is like "but how will we know which are the good protests and which are the bad ones?" lmao

stand up comedians posits the existence of sit down comedians, or perhaps laying down comedians

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