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join my terrible discord server

-18+ only

-no lewding

-everybody is a mod

-nothing matters

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after many moons and much traveling I have arrived at the forbidden city the strange fortune teller told me about. I look around, but something is wrong - where I expected iron eagles and aryan jawlines instead I see the red standard and horses in jorts. the color drains from my face and I let loose a blood curdling scream "where are my conservatives at?" I fall to the ground and yell at a uncaring sky "represent bros!"

but there are no bros to represent. I hear footsteps & my vision goes dark

some nerd: you can kill me, but ideas will never die!
me, putting capitalism into a guillotine: what

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@hasya23 *eyes popping out of my head, tongue lapping down to the floor like an old curtain* i literally love making people's lives worse to make my own life seem slightly less hollow

*wolf whistle* hey baby wanna engage in sexual activity? me neither i just wanted to reinforce internalized values propagated by the cisheteropatriarchy!!!!!

well she's all you'd ever want
she's the kind they'd like to flaunt and take to dinner
well she always knows her place
she's got style, she's got grace, most of all she cannot breathe in space
she's a lady. whoa whoa whoa, she's a lady

the dude has the best response to a landlord asking for rent, “far out” and drinking a cocktail with no clue as to what they’re talking about

when someone tells you another platform is better than mastodon

Hey my name is Bronya and I'm an edgy teen. I'm going to say a slur now.

*Bernie Sanders voice*

Naruto the polls!

*scrolls through list of skateboard tricks*

nice of someone to compile this list of rad as fuck genders

meanwhile, on reddit, the straights are definitely ah, they're not doing so hot

in this house, we stan an anarchist queen


Why the FUCK is this a thing
K-Swiss's new line of performance sneakers for videogaming

this taste on the wind, could it be? with iron and salt.

someone is using comic sans.

no joke, the first and only time I played D&D our DM insisted on using nipple clamps in the campaign

friendly reminder to those of you who may be interested:
spearmint tea has been shown to lower testosterone

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