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@โ€‹soupeater@โ€‹ as far as i pluck em out of a mass grave filled with 2,754 billionaires

it amazes me that if waitresses werenโ€™t lazy they would steadfastly remain heterosexual even in death

when your 15 and decide it'd be funny to start a moshpit in a b horror movie patrick, now im going to the crumb in my life

thinking about the time an angry fashy teen wrote a huge transphobic/homophobic/shit "blog post" on gitlab about how terrible i am and how you'd have to have mental issues to want anything to do with me, and then two months later DM'd me asking for help setting up an ebooks bot

Pro-LGBTQ legislation in VA likely to become law Show more

as the goblin camp expands it will consume everything and become a goblin galaxy

@hasya23 Man on left: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
Man on right: havin a good time HAVIN A GOOD TIME

Why would we ever update Eugen got it right on 2.6.1 and it's all down hill from there

@hasya23 A friend of mine was an optical fiber technician when all that started and he liked to dress like he was working and break telephone lines of places he didn't like.

He didn't have to hide. Just wear the appropriate clothes for the job LOL

its a positive and a negative that the mastodon web UI is so good its better then most, if not all, of the apps because now i gotta keep a browser open at all times like a asshole

"night crew" just sounds cooler then "sleep disorder support group"

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