@hasya23 nearly every English teacher I've ever had is rolling over in their grave at the use of the word "stuff" in a Washington Post headline.

@teslas_moustache @hasya23 honesdtly it should say "law enforcement stole more than burglars last year"

@taweret @teslas_moustache @hasya23 yeah. they're really only confined to the use of such strange wording /because/ they aren't allowed to tell it like it is in that regard

@hasya23 between this and wage theft dwarfing burglary it's almost as if society is a giant racket run by the most powerful crime syndicate or something

@ben @hasya23 well no one wants to make cops look bad, whereas everyone wants to make burglars (aka poor people & poc) look bad. That probably bleeds in to the data collection as a strong bias. My guess is the burglaries are actually /lower/ than shown, and the """asset forfeitures""" are way higher

@hasya23 ah, yes, we can see from this chart that asset forfeiture is clearly helping prevent burglaries, probably because nobody has anything left to steal 🤔

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