@hasya23 Poor Glenn Danzig
Never gets any respect
Not that he deserves any

@hasya23 I wanna make one of these with Morrissey but it's just telling people to stay away from him regardless.

@breakfastgolem @hasya23

omg i heart you so hard right now

was gonna suggest to work in a be like robert smith.. stay away from morrisey joke in there but it'd just be too busy and not alot of people know about their 30+ year feud

@Luxotek @hasya23 If it came down to it, Robert Smith could absolutely kick the shit out of Morrissey. I would pay good money to see that kind of donnybrook.

@breakfastgolem @hasya23

bobert has an actual story where he hit morrissey and he cried about it

@Luxotek @hasya23 Morrissey is the absolute gold standard of "I like their music but I loathe the person." Ask a Smiths fan and they'll simultaneously tell you which album is their most favorite and also sigh deeply with that kind of resounding resignation that only a Smiths fan can have.

@breakfastgolem @hasya23

there's one good smiths song and it's only good cause it got pounded into my memory from being a goth way back in the 90's when there was a goth club night just about every day of the week

@Luxotek @hasya23 San Diego has a lowkey active goth scene. I really want to go to the club night they have on Saturdays but I'm too much of a coward.

@breakfastgolem @hasya23

we have a couple here too still
i think
i dunno - i'm in my mid 40's now with a kid and haven't left my house in 4 years and all the people i knew that ran all the nights here have moved out of state and i can only guess that at least a couple of the nights got continued on by one of the baby bats here that wanted to play dj or promoter
which means they suck now so it's better that i don't go anymore anyway

@Luxotek @hasya23 I'm 40 and single and pretty fuckin' lonely and I wanna drag some of my D&D pals to the goth thing so I can be a horrible embarrassment to everyone around me. Is that so much to ask? Is a man not entitled to the sweat on his balls?

@breakfastgolem @hasya23

meh - goth clubs are easy

don't wear normy clothes
don't go wearing shit like it's a costume
don't hit on girls half your age and/or be a creeper
the dance floor isn't a place to try to start a conversation
the dance floor is for dancing only
if you keep to yourself for a while you'll become a staple people are used to seeing and the meat market aspect will unlock on it's own

@breakfastgolem @hasya23

yes and they literally wrote a song about it back in the 90's
wanna hear it?
here it go..



when my friend snow was running dragoncon around when she/they started it (i think) - so like late 90's - they booked him to play it.. he kept getting handsy and she lost it when he grabbed her ass
so she spun around intending to punch him in the stomach and accidentally punched him in the forehead and knocked him out

yet another in the long line of times danzig started shit and got knocked out for it


i used to know some of the dudes from thrill kill kult that started electric hellfire club and after ehc toured with danzig they'd tell stories how he never seemed to really manage to go more than a town or two without getting knocked out in a fight he started

think that's why he doesn't like people taking his pic without his permission - evidence of all the fights he loses

@hasya23 here in the civilised world they tell us 2 metres is the appropriate social distance.


Glenn Danzig is The New Metre™️


Be an Asperger and the people around you give you the social isolation for free

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