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I'm the king of forming opinions about things that were relevant 5+ years ago.

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:bing: how to convince my body, and my eyelids in particular, that I'm "not tired"

I need to get the fuck out of here before the owner of this car comes back

three little words every man wants to hear 

garlic parm fries

normal people: 😆
me, an intellectual anime enthusiast :ohohoho:

bigfoot but instead of a big hairy dude it's a big hairy snail

I don't even have a calendar anymore, I just look at this website to learn what day of the week it is

Without question the best amateur game development platform that has ever been and probably will ever be was Flash. Flash was fucking great. Steve Jobs killed it because it threatened his walled garden App Store and amateur, vernacular games vanished from the internet. The technicians will point out that technically you could achieve the same results with JavaScript and the Canvas element, but there are reasons technicians don’t like to acknowledge that that hasn’t happened. R.I.fuckingP.

D&D friend sent this. She's a beach druid and can transform into a giant crab

The Assassination of My Sinuses By the Cowards Ragweed Pollen, Mold, and Corn and Soybean Harvests

one of my favorite things in youtube chess is when a grand master forgets how to do a checkmate because at their level of competition everyone usually resigns before that point

Some people say m.s is bad, that there is too much spam, but I say, where else would I find someone who can hang curtains for me in Abu Dhabi?

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