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Pals of the PNW: I'm performing with a very good chorus in December, if you want info about show locations and dates pls direct toot me

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today I walked into an Amazon building and stole about $50 worth of sandwiches from their catering table. Gave a bunch to the homeless people outside and then gave the rest to my co-workers.

yes I am bragging, but that's because what I did was cool as fuck

If someone btwn 100-120 lbs could come over and gently step on my lower back until it stops what it's doing I'd be forever in ur debt

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We when I wake up to a mufo saying nice things about me online

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@nuttgodd I got a present from this thread,, where do u want ur autographed copy sent

@jizzwitch JIZZWITCH used SLIME TITS. It's super effective!

@jizzwitch they say no one man should have all that power. but one woman? there's no rules

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Horses can wear jorts too. [[THIS IS ETERNALLY A WORK IN PROGRESS]]