hideo Kojima stating he will not be reprising his role as hideo Kojima in the future leaves many wondering what this mysterious man has in store for us.

getting a rib removed so I can sonic spindash in an even tighter ball

0 months into having a cat: She's called Baby.

12 months into having a cat: She's called The Piss Bandit

gamer tie-dye is jizzing on a shirt a few times then not washing it for a couple months until the jizz bleaches the shirt

OMG those auto closing accordion UI elements are so irritating stop trying to be clever. Makes it impossible to compare two things.

Y'all, I think I just figured out a scheme to get rid of all of the Mastodon reply guys.

It's kind of complex, but it involves a fake project to rewrite all of Linux in Rust, permissive software licenses, and possibly forking Edge.

I'll never not be bemused when people complain about AI not "being real intelligence" & "it's not really thinking" and like yeah, that's correct, that's why the A is there - stands for "artificial". No one's claiming it's real lol it's like moaning that cars aren't really running

Lol Ninjago dragons rising feels pretty on the nose at the moment, it's set in a city called imperium which is a full on fascist ethno state and they capture and enslave dragons for electricity/power

Let my 7 year old kid play NFS Unbound and his mum "caught" us and said disapprovingly "don't you get chased by the cops in this game" and the kid goes "yeah but that only makes it cooler mum"

I can with a clear conscience declare that Israel has no right to defend itself on stolen land. The genocide they are waging is deeply evil. Any action that results in the death of innocents would be ceased immediately by the righteous, but Israel seems to be reveling in blood.

Just went to the doctor to see about a thing on my chin. Took my mask off and he immediately asked "how long have you have THAT?!?!" and I go "oh about " and he cuts me off and says "that could be cancer" lol bedside manner much?
He referred me to a plastic surgeon for a biopsy and he clicked "urgent", realised I saw him do that and he goes "oh well I can't choose semi urgent so, I, you know..." I said "rounded up" and he kinda chuckled nervously "yeah" lol I'm in trouble.

In more than one accent, the phrase "if I can ..." sounds identical to "I fuckin' ..." to me lol

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