Capitalists aren't mad that we're working from home. They're mad that we have homes to work from.

This is the most jargon-y thing I've ever said about anything.

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Today I discovered that it's possible to do FM synthesis with complex waveforms in Vital without it sounding like crap. You just have to invert the phase of the modulating oscillator.

I just imagined myself becoming a minister of culture after the revolution and sending furry artists to the gulag if I thought their art was "too technical".

Didn't get anything done today because the sensation of my own hair touching my head gave me debilitating anxiety.

New canon for this guy: He's a big rock band's keyboard tech, and the band asks him to fill in on keys after their regular keyboardist suffers an embarrassing injury to both their wrists and their ass.

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I just want to see Trump be completely and irreversibly fucked for once in his miserable goddamned life.

Of course, there will also be a booming industry in various therapies for working class people experiencing "labor dysphoria".

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I definitely think there are billionaires who believe that political ideology is entirely encoded in people's DNA. They envision a future where there are two separate tracks of education, cultural and social development, health care, etc., and each person is sorted into one or the other depending on whether they have "executive" genes or "worker" genes.

I think if there was ever a communist party in the US whose platform matched my beliefs exactly, I would probably still refuse to join.

There's no good ideology that starts from the premise that people are naturally shitty to each other.

nightmare scenario: viral pandemic that makes every afflicted person want to become a tech entrepreneur

Looks like I am going to be billed for the tetanus shot I got when I fucked up my foot a few months ago.

You absolutely can understand dialectical materialism and be a catgirl, and you can bite anyone who tells you otherwise.

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