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you know if rage comics were around today people would be trying to make NFTs out of them

Don't forget to use CWs when appropriate

CW stands for County/Western, which is used if there is a substantial risk of losing your truck during a moment of extreme melancholy/heartbreak

how about a double date with you and me and our inner demons

tell you some cryptic story about a rich man and a goat and then make you shit live birds

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“what would jesus do?” idk a fuckin miracle probably

The only explanation I can think of for cognitive dissonance is that some people actively reject the very concept of reality.

Leftists tend to believe in a singular, consistent, material reality, and I don’t think we fully grasp how bizarre the right thinks that belief is.

Henry Ford never said that thing about "faster horses", but his intransigent attitude toward customer feedback almost certainly cost Ford Motor Co an incalculable fortune. (He copied everyone else, but at a lower price point.) As soon as GM appeared in the market and started listening to customers, Ford lost half their market share in the span of 5 years, then half again when they finally retooled to try to catch up.

More of these:

- Read up on the events that led to the idea of "Stockholm Syndrome" being a thing, and *why* the hostages actually objected to the police's actions.

- Everything you have ever heard about the "obesity epidemic" is untrue (and we mostly know nothing about what caused the weight gain over the last 70 years, except that all the most popular theories are bs).

This only works by convincing us all that we are despicable wretches, unable to band together, unwilling to help each other, unworthy of love and support. And then we feed ourselves a steady filtered supply of confirming information.
You can break that cycle. But seeing the matrix sucks, it's not pretty. Shifting your worldview, actually changing your mind, it's not fun or easy.

The edifice of fascism rests on the three legged stool of patriarchy, racism, and Calvinist work ethic. Those at the bottom are separated, made to blame themselves, and identify with those at the top; while those at the top are conscripted in the promotion of these memes, bribed by the attractive story that they have earned their place, and threatened with losing it.

But that is not even slightly supported by data! It took half a century for some of this stuff to even be looked at, even though the proof was sitting right there. These memes make us sick, make us feel like we can't be happy unless we suffer, and then if suffering doesn't make us happy, it's because we are bad and deserve to suffer. They try to talk us out of helping others, tell us no one will help us, when all we want is to help and be helped. We are beautiful and worthy of love and comfort.

These memes get into our personal and social consciousness, and they are *so hard* to let go of. We crave anything that validates our views. In the West, especially America, this means anything that feeds the narrative of the importance of hard work, self-reliance, the idea that having needs or relying on others or being relied upon BY others is a moral failing, and suffering for a pittance, "paying your dues", is a moral imperative.

People are mostly prosocial and kind. Most accomplishments are the result of luck as much as anything else. Wealth and ease are inequitably distributed. You'll probably never be a billionaire. Authorities are usually a bad influence.
These are hard truths if you've grown up being told the opposite, and we grasp at any straws that can maintain the worldview we have already accepted.

The Stanford Prison Experiment and Broken Windows Theory are both the result of one fucked up psychologist Philip Zimbardo. In both cases, when the study didn't seem to be supporting his pet theory, personally manipulated the participants to pressure them into behaviors that would. Motherfucker paid his grad students to go smash up a car in a poor neighborhood so that someone would take the wallet off the front seat.

"Lord of the Flies" is completely unlike the only known case in history where a group of adolescent boys found themselves stranded on an island. In reality, they banded together and established a very egalitarian and cooperative social order right away.

The famous "marshmallow study", which started a whole industry related to "grit" shows that children with food insecurity and unstable adult relationships will take the calories in front of them rather than trust that an absent adult will reward them as promised.
And yeah, most of those kids had richer parents, got into fancier colleges, and grew into richer adults. That's not some ineffable "grit", that's just socioeconomic castes.

In the Kitty Genovese case, usually held up as the paradigm example of bystander effect in action, lots of people DID call the police, and did try to intervene. The police just didn't do their job, and got less cooperation from the locals because they cops had destroyed all credibility by harassing most of them constantly for being queer.

A massive study of CCTV data recently published in American Psychologist showed that in 90% of cases, people intervene in emergency situations, regardless of how many are present.

Milgram and Stanford only show that people will play along when they know (or strongly suspect) that a study is fake, and will sometimes comply with unethical orders when they believe it's safe and for a valuable prosocial purpose, but will almost *always* object to an authority telling them to do something they believe is wrong.

I'm not sharing this because I'm good at it. Like most humans, I completely suck at this, and it takes a lot of work to unnaturally force myself to dig deeper before believing things that confirm my worldview. But this is how terrible untrue memes survive!
You know the "bystander effect"? It's not a thing. The infamous Milgram Study? The Stanford Prison Experiment? Broken Windows hypothesis?
All bullshit, all fall apart under the most naive objective scrutiny.

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