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i like shitposting just as much as the next homosexual but i swear i'm quite a serious and earnest person irl

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I did two lovely interviews this morning for next week's #LesbianHistoricMotifProject podcast! We'll be talking about fiction inspired by historic archives and how to imagine queer lives in the Neolithic.

If you're an author or historian working around the topic of women loving women in history, and you'd be interested in talking about your work on my podcast, drop me a note to ask!

#LesbianHistory #SapphicHistory #LesbianFiction #SapphicFiction

Wow I'm doing so well on these tests without any preparation at all, such a high achiever I am

Heartstopper S2 (spoilers) 

Got a bit confused when saying "I love you" was such a big thing between Tara and Darcy (and seemingly between Nick and Charlie as well). In my experience this isn't as big a deal in queer relationships, especially wlw ones and happens pretty quickly? Or is this a regional thing? Caught me off-guard for sure

📱 Rooting your device in the EU won't void its 2-year warranty!
Enjoy control over your phone, extend its lifespan & choose your software freely. Stay updated with the FSFE on any changes.
#EUWarranty #SoftwareFreedom #ConsumerRights 🛡️✅

Image: CC-BY-NC-SA by Rahak

Somewhat smutty 

They should totally turn the vampire AUs into an official spin-off, the blood-sucking is very on theme

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Somewhat smutty+mh 

Drowning my anxiety in an endless flood of outrageously depraved Killing Eve ff

Thoroughly debasing myself by sending a 7-word message, how embarrassing (hot)

Kandy recently had to flee their family, and they've been couchsurfing for a few weeks. they're in a bind, with a few days to raise money to finish college and support herself!

they're a leader in the Black furry community and a nonbinary transfem, but they've had to keep a low profile due to family stalking. she hasn't had much visibility or donations.

this is urgent, please boost & help.

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund #GTFOmyState #TransMutualAid #Fundraising

Does a #sword make a #warrior ? Maybe, but not necessarily a man:

2,000 y/o #IronAge grave on #Bryher (Isles of Scilly), also containing #sword and mirror, is the burial of a woman, #DNA analysis of tooth enamel suggests: via @guardian

Emotionally manipulating myself into not having attachment issues anymore brb

Apparently there's a fuckin lion roaming around my neighbourhood what the hell

and you could have it all

my empire of jorts

I will let you down

I will get you horts

hey did you know: trans men are really cool and underappreciated

it feels like we always see lots of support for trans women on here but comparatively much less for trans men so hey, trans guys, you're cool dudes and i appreciate you

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