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i like shitposting just as much as the next homosexual but i swear i'm quite a serious and earnest person irl

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Matrix Reloaded is the best Matrix movie! send toot 👍

This whole emotions thing, it ain't working in our favour, folks

send me your favourite sad queer(-ish) movies please, i wanna cry

It's princess mononoke of course.
First being Nausicaä

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Gonna watch the SECOND BEST Ghibli movie (take a guess!) in cinema tomorrow.

Didn't listen to a whole lot of music this year because of chronic illness, so this isn't very exciting but yea

A marvellous early #medieval sachet-shaped fibula (a decorative pin to fasten garments/a brooch), found in Fridingen, dating 7th century AD. Made of gold inlaid with garnets and glass.

Photo:Landesmuseum Württemberg


The feminine urge to compulsively google people you went to high school with and contemplate catching up with them but ultimately deciding not to because it would be incredibly disappointing and awkward™

This one is for the local timeline only 

Big tiddy Jar-Jar Binks

people really are posting screenshots of how they got owned hard on the internet and think it makes them look sympathetic

It's difficult to overstate how much I a) don't have time and b) really do not care. Thanks for writing 10 pages in a single toot tho :eeveecoffee:

Soft-sediment deformation in sandstone - look at those gorgeous convolute laminations 😍 these structures form due to deformation of the sediment during, or soon after, deposition and before it has been consolidated (i.e. before it’s turned to rock). Pathhead Formation (early carboniferous), West Fife 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I've started writing a novel, a collective memoire of sorts. I'm not sure it will ever be finished.

It is me, I'm the titular Little Women. Three of them in a trenchcoat to be precise.

Good research exists despite academia, not because of it

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