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just posting to say: i will respect your needs and listen to your suggestions!

if i miss a content warning, mess up fedi etiquette, am blind to my own biases and thus show my whole buns, interact with you in a way you do not like, or anything else that is unpleasant — please tell me. i would prefer privately, but am not too picky about that. i will absolutely not do an anger at you.

anybody on this site excited for the new paper mario?

every once in a while I think about that paper that started from the thought experiment that there was a hypothetical technological civilization of dinosaurs at the same level of technology as modern humans when the K-T extinction event occurred, and then argued that if such a civilization existed it would almost certainly not show up in the fossil record

Magic object maintains quiet
so that fugitive may escape.

normally i don’t support private gardens but i’m making an exception

“Employees of a Santa Monica Burger King have gone on strike this week and filed a complaint with both Los Angeles health officials and the state of California after their colleague died of COVID-19.

Angela Martinez Gómez, a transgender employee at the fast food restaurant, died on July 6, reported KTLA.

The complaint, filed by another employee, Yolanda Santiago Garcia, which was obtained by KTLA, states that a manager allowed Gómez to keep working for a week after showing "severe" symptoms like coughing and nausea.

Garcia's complaint also said that a manager blamed Gómez's death on "injecting hormones," referring to hormone replacement therapy (HRT)”

I can’t express to you how fucking heartbroken, shook and hurt I am over this.

URGENT: Black queer spoonie activist needs crowdfunding due to car accidents; care packages also appreciated 

anybody play the fiddle? And happen to want to teach a #Indigenous two-spirit autistic to play? I don't really know how to play the violin yet, but I've never had an instrument I didn't learn fairly quickly, though ADHD/mental illness have generally gotten in my way of doing something fun/cool with that ability

Would like useful book/website suggestions too :)


#actuallyAutistic #music #violin #fiddle #folkmusic

bleach, but dubbed w boston accents. “this is the end for you, soul reapah!”

i wonder whomst my neighbor has set the ringtone ‘ alicia keys - no one’ for

powerful move if it’s her default

cop who said he'd shoot any protesters who came to his door has been charged with manslaughter after shooting another cop who knocked on his door

I hate how much better my brain and body feel after a good workout, I despise being reminded that I am just a big animal with a physical form that can be tricked into giving me nice feelings

Roboticist Grant Imahara of Mythbusters Fame Dies of Aneurysm at Age 49

We awake this morning to sad news of the premature passing of Grant Imahara at the age of 49 due to a brain aneurysm. Grant was best known for his role on the wildly popular Mythbus…

Original tweet :

The US is a white supremacist culture. Any counterculture that does not address race is just white supremacy dressed up in funny clothes.

It really makes you wonder what's going on in a bee's mind, if they can understand conceptually the concept of zero, what other concepts do you think they can understand? How conceptual are they? For much of human history we assumed that animals simply just behave, and have no internal thought processes, but we just keep getting proven wrong.

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