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just posting to say: i will respect your needs and listen to your suggestions!

if i miss a content warning, mess up fedi etiquette, am blind to my own biases and thus show my whole buns, interact with you in a way you do not like, or anything else that is unpleasant — please tell me. i would prefer privately, but am not too picky about that. i will absolutely not do an anger at you.

I talked to my spouse. Is this love?

— Erib Asteltun, Peasant

I needed to catch up for the month (I was avoiding handling artwork while ill)... so here's four small watercolors I painted concurrently yesterday, in timelapse form! (15 minutes, silent, from 2.5 hrs of work).

Warning: if you're expecting anything in the mail from me from March, something in here is for you. Safeguard your surprise if you wish! They'll be mailed this week during our bank trip.

ok gays lend me your wisdom

do you know any gay shows where it's sweet and no one dies and no big drama

bonus if not anime

Trans positivity 


When they call you an "essential worker" but force you to choose between risking your life and losing your housing, they mean they see your work as essential but your life as inessential.

Support striking #Amazon, #Instacart, and #WholeFoods workers.


relief funds for USian restaurant workers 

Hey! Ever wanted to get into opera, but never had the time... or money? One of the best operas for beginners is being streamed for free at tonight:Il barbiere di Siviglia, aka The Barber of Seville.

It's got everything: great music (including a piece you know even if you don't know you know it), a hilarious plot, and some a-fuckin'-mazing singing.

i used to be mutuals with Shawn Allen when I was on Twitter, he is super cool and v smart and his new game Treachery in Beatdown City is out today so you should get it if u can!!

Friends, enemies, welcome all to , the one day a year I unleash all the worst things in my collection upon the public.

Flick is the most Mastodon character on Animal crossing

✨World weary expression belies uplifting spirit
✨Could be any gender
✨Art commissions
✨Obsessed with a niche topic (bugs)
✨Writes stirringly about their passion
✨Amazing personal aesthetics

HRT, another reason to get off spiro 

i think the notion of forgiveness as something effectively mandatory that doesn't need to be deserved or worked towards & in fact absolves the forgiver more than the forgivee is one of the most pernicious parts of protestant ideology

Hey I have a friend who’s fighting stage 3 Lyme disease and NEEDS donations in order to survive. This is life or death. Can y’all plz take a minute to donate if you can and boost this? Destin can’t leave their home due to seizures, low energy levels, having trouble walking, etc. all due to Lyme.

They need an oxygen concentrator which are ridiculously expensive, but they are having so much trouble breathing it’s become necessary. It’s really important that they get one.

I know that if we all boost this and donate a couple bucks then they can get the care they need. I donated $25 which was all I can afford really, so now I’m sharing. My friend really needs help so please boost! Especially because they are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus due to Lyme... it’s really important that they get the medical care they need.

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