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me, with chronic neck and back knots due to a lifetime of internalizing every emotion and reaction ive ever had: if only this could have been prevented

ugh, I don't know a vast majority of people have it pretty tough too

one of my vertebrae is stuck and that is what’s been causing my back pain maybe ! idk why it took 5 people to figure this out but here we are

we've managed to locate the most powerful, elegant eyebrows in the world... we've traced the location to the girl reading this

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Zombie workers unite

You have nothing to lose but your brains

whoops my paypal broke the exact week i got too busy w new job to check email, unpaid hosting bill was missed, so the giant horse is having a peaceful little sabbatical in the trash can icon in the sky or something

anyway i severely underestimated how swamped i was gonna get and will hopefully rectify asap but kinda wishing i’d exported some more stuff, more recently

maybe when i’m on salary again i can pay someone to make a simple auto backup tool i will host for free

i promise my posts will expand back to encompass something other than technology gripes but cannot say when

nobody has ever or will ever “eye [my] netflix app on the bus,” release-notes-writers. shut the heck up

[deciding which email app to use]
[deciding which web browser to use]

hm, next, where are the third party Slack apps? oh wait

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