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Mutual Aid Request, Urgent 

100/400 €
Hey everyone, I desperately need to make 400 € in the next 9 days in order to pay my rent and not be at risk of eviction. I feel awful posting this yet again but I'm still really struggling to survive right now. Any help at all is a blessing <3


I'm a trans woman of color and I really need help with rent, Ive been working for the last 10 years as a full service survival sex worker but I really can't do it anymore.

Blocked out a bunch more detail, watch me build the taper for the front legs and then wrap up for the night @

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Pronouncing goth like "joth" to own the people who pronounce gif "jif" is now the , with pixelfed and gotosocial coming soon

exclusively going after the high-hanging fruit

People who think "Open Source is thriving, it's everywhere!" and are all optimistic about it are doing the same thing as the people with electric cars and solar panels on their McMansions thinking that we're on track to deal with the climate crisis.

The *real* solutions for a healthy sustainable FLO world are all still marginalized and struggling, and the capitalist #greenwashing and #openwashing serve mainly to delude people about the state of things.

alabama prison strike 2022 

Day 2 of the alabama prison strike -- already seeing repression and retaliation from prison pigs

Video of ADOC correctional officers beating another man in ADOC custody:

"The inmates in Alabama State Prisons have went on strike and are demanding better living conditions and prison reform . NO INMATES are currently operating the Kitchen .. this is what staff prepares for them .. Peanut butter sandwiches & raw hotdogs.. Please LIKE & RT."

outside demos in support:


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I have escaped the cave wall in front of you

ideally you’ve got one person to shout “in the name of the moon, we’ll punish you!” out the front passenger window, and another person to hang bare ass out the ‘rear passenger’ window. and a trustworthy driver

Gotta say I am a fan of Andor using the Hilda color palette

It’s a good palette.

Please help me get stable while I am in a bit of a financial bind

"As I work to complete my program, I realize I cannot work any kind of “regular” job. Since I am trained as and enjoy working as a photographer, I intend to freelance to sustain myself as I study. These last couple of months have been particularly difficult as I’ve tried to maintain."

You can read the story and share and donate pls
#mutualaid #GFM

i’m not asking for a lot of mental health. i just want to occasionally feel as happy as someone hearing their high school friend’s triphop song during a lab test scene on CSI miami

What is your favorite programming language or FOSS related mascot?

Thinking abt this because my exploration into fennel reminded me how cute the mascot for it is

Now, Sweden and Italy are in on this far-right revival.

This doesn’t happen because the left failed to do anything (although that conversation about the failures of the left is a moot one to have at this point). This happens because every lurch to the right has gone through the centre.

It’s centrism that gave the right their platform, entertained their talking points, and endorsed candidates on the right when it came time to choose someone who promised to change things.

It’s a cliche now.

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On federation, blocked servers and adjacency, longish ramble 

Like a lot of instances, ours blocks most of the problematic freeze-peach servers and doesn’t federate with them. For those that aren’t defederated, I mute and block users.

Then along comes a new server, it might even be a single-user instance, and they follow me. I check out their timeline in my client and it’s clean, so I don’t block them. I might even follow them back if their bio is interesting.

What I haven’t noticed is that their timeline is full of interactions with blocked users and instances, because my client isn’t displaying them.

I don’t like that this happens. It puts me and my mutuals in danger. It may lead to a mutual challenging me, rightly, about why I follow that user when it is interacting with other toxic instances.

I don’t know how to solve this. Advice is solicited.

Mastodon: what’s a good quality for home use UPS?

A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s bad for you

Despite the moral assurance and personal flattery that meritocracy offers to the successful, it ought to be abandoned both as a belief about how the world works and as a general social ideal. It’s false, and believing in it encourages selfishness, discrimination and indifference to the plight of the unfortunate.

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