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just your run-of-the-mill stoner hedge with an anthropogenic weather witch specialization

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My 8yo told me this joke: what does VLC stand for? Very Long Cone.

I died.

Part of why people gravitate towards conspiratorial thinking, fascism, liberal reformist, etc. is because they are trying to find a way to make sense of the world around them. They recognize that things are not good, that they are in pain, that the world as it is has failed them, but they don't know why -- they are lost and confused. So they seek explanations. But they lack a systemic or wholistic analysis, so they end up blaming individuals or particular groups, attributing malicious intent. Moreover, they want to avoid any kind of systemic analysis because it would require that they recognize some level of culpability, some level of participation within the systems that make the world as it currently a nightmare (precisely because these systems are made up of people, all of us, and one cannot avoid participation or culpability). Recognizing this culpability can also be dangerous if it devolves into guilt (the forerunner of ressentiment), but it is a necessary part of having any understanding of the world that doesn't simply attribute "evil" to some external force or entity, to individuals or specific groups. It requires an understanding of oneself as a part of the world, as inseparable from it. But this is difficult and painful.

I don't know where I'm going with this. Just some thoughts I've been having.

People living with their families: boy it's hard to get into Bitcoin

MGTOW stands for Magic: Gathering the Overwatch

> wireless charging is drastically less efficient than charging with a cord, so much so that the widespread adoption of this technology could necessitate the construction of dozens of new power plants around the world

Wireless Charging Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

thank you! I hope it's a new instance,

OK so who wants to make an alternative to RetroArch that supports running in a web browser using WASM cores and fetches a list of games curated from Internet Archive

reminder that hotels have been grossly understaffed for at least a year and a half now and everyone working at them is under an enormous amount of stress, be cool to people who work at hotels please

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An update on the accessibility of conditionally revealed questions - Civil Service @ Gov.UK:

This is useful! Interesting question: How do I preserve it when moving forms out-of-line for interactivity?

The New Requirements for WCAG 2.2 - Matt Putland @ Vision Australia:

everyone who has the same opinions as me is hot

The lesbian road trip RPG adventure starts here, so what are you waiting for, just Get in the Car, Loser!— now available for free on both Steam and Itch!

just a reminder stop using brave and use firefox or literally any other open source browser.

rent begpost 

I could really use help getting rent paid this month. I was $150 short last month but there were so many others needing help at the time I left it be. But this month I could really use the help. I’ve got an interview coming up for another job soon, so luckily I won’t be in this spot forever. I’m so fed up with the low amount of hours and i consistent schedules, the appallingly low pay, just everything with my current job.

$350 is my goal, or but as long as I can at least do $250 then I’ll be “ok”.


CashApp: $GumbyRat

Thank you for reading 💚🐀

liberals: how do we end homelessness

leftists: well, ya know how most people's housing situation depends on being able to pay over half their income every single month to a landlord who ensures that they will be thrown out of their homes if they come up short?

liberals: 🦗

leftists: what if we all got together & made it not work like that anymore?

liberals: 🦗

leftists: can you even hear me right now

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