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just posting to say: i will respect your needs and listen to your suggestions!

if i miss a content warning, mess up fedi etiquette, am blind to my own biases and thus show my whole buns, interact with you in a way you do not like, or anything else that is unpleasant — please tell me. i would prefer privately, but am not too picky about that. i will absolutely not do an anger at you.

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as part of our continual fight for climate awareness, for a limited time only, mcdonalds is introducing the greta thunburger

how long until companies replace customer surveys etc with e.g. sentiment analysis on what the user says when the company’s ad plays on their “”smart speaker””

in my case, it would have been “fuck you, comcast” (in a hissing goblin voice)

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⚠️⚠️ This is America, ⚠️⚠️
⚠️⚠️MILFs in your area!⚠️⚠️

Rewatching one of my favorite Lifetime movies because y'all are going to fucking love Trigger Point

today in France we saw albatross, who are some kind of big marin birbs, who took down police's drones because they felt threatened by them. now social media is going apeshit over those and it's real funny to see lmao

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its hard for me to talk about what im writing about ever because i feel like im gonna make myself not want to work on it anymore but this bit of dialogue between the main character of this story and the voice in his head feels like something i would've just posted on here apropos of nothing so here you go

Debian: 468 packages will be newly installed
Me: wow there's a lot to unpack here

ladybird is a very accepting and easygoing cat but she has one peeve. and it’s a big one: being tailgated.

if you walk too closely behind her and rush her while she’s walking, she will hiss

it is the only time she emits a hiss and it’s amazing

I am the lorax

Who speaks for the trees

But, for once in my life

I'd like to speak about me

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What the fuck is happening in this picture? Why does Grimes look photoshopped in? Why are the diving in Lethal Lava Land from Mario 64? I am losing my mind

thinking back to august 2018 when i saw someone describe mastodon as "fast tumblr"

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