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Getting old sucks

ALT TEXT: Younger person helping older person with a walker meme template with Emoji Cat on the older person. Emoji Cat says "I used to be ready to mobilize at the drop of a hat and would go to any right wing gathering within 1000 miles of my city ready to fight organized white supremacists in the streets". The younger person says "sure 30 something washed up meme page admin. Let's get you to bed."

calibrating my anger levels when i’m on my deathbed to not leave a vengeful ghost is going to be harder than docking in elite

begposting, finances 

Hey y’all I’m sorry but my car payment is due tomorrow, I still have insurance, I have to renew my registration next month, and rent is due. My monthly expenses not including food are 800 dollars. We’ve been able to hold off on paying for the power because they can’t turn it off in the winter, but that won’t last. I’ve been going to interviews, taking phone calls and doing cam work most nights, but I can’t make ends meet alone. Please, I need help.

will i be able to follow the conjuring 2 if i haven’t seen the conjuring

Covid Vaccine News 

Another study, this time out of the UK, with evidence that the mRNA vaccines prevent asymptomatic infection as well as symptomatic infection of covid-19, and thus should also serve to lower the risk of transmission:

matthew mcconaughey as jimmy stewert in vertigo voice: that’s what i love about these chicks possessed by carlotta the spanish ghost, man. i get older, they stay the same age

This bandcamp Friday why not celebrate Black History month by buying Mic Crenshaw's new EP Black Skinhead. Mic is an artist, an activist, founding member of Anti-Racist Action, and all around amazing man.

it’s basically someone’s portfolio but if they were extremely good at making a fantastic portfolio

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still watching cameraperson.. it’s a lot? it’s a lot, for some reason. every single thing is significant. and then the scene changes and it’s a new place in a different time, and you’re taking it all in, and then it’s on to the next. i just can’t handle how affecting it is! it’s so simple too

soooo chances are i am gonna have to pay completely out of pocket for top surgery and idk how we're gonna raise the money yet but i'm just gonna leave my shop link here in the meantime ty (i'll have a new acrylic pin coming in soon!!)

Job lookin, tech, Boosts welcome 

After losing my job to covid last March I've had a hell of a time trying to find tech work. I gave up for a bit and did some bike wrenching but it's not making ends meet so I'm back on the job lookin train.

I have 18 years experience, mostly in systems administration, mostly in windows, but my experience is really all over the place. I've worked for government, university, fortune 100, small firms, consulting, data analysis, information security, kind of a Jane of All Trades. I have an associates degree and a bachelor's degree, and nine certifications that are still mostly relevant, one of which is the MCITP.

What I'm most proud of is my ability to figure stuff out. I'm real clever. I'm also able to communicate with non technical staff as well as super nerds.

So what's up, fediverse. You got any jobs?

I have to learn Java thanks to my object-oriented programming classes. Any book recommendations?

“She happens to like girls instead of guys. Some people like cats instead of dogs. Frankly, I’d rather live with a lesbian than a cat. Unless the lesbian sheds, then I don’t know.”

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