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just your run-of-the-mill stoner hedge with an anthropogenic weather witch specialization

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brb going to the jedi library to run a search on a computer bc despite it being a vast star system there’s no remote access to anything

so many wonderfully styled mullets and little baby rat tails in attack of the clones

I asked this last night but I just want to make sure:

Do I know anyone at Substack?

People with “health anxiety” around HIV aren’t interested in reducing their anxiety through education. They use it as an excuse to avoid addressing their perpetuation of HIV-related stigma.

tapping my nose means “i am trying to knock a bad smell out of my nose”

ok i guess this is when the gift-giver purchased it for me so that’s about how long i’ve been keeping it alive sans buds/blooms

it’s supposed to be a lot deeper red, bordering on black. i suspect i under-fed it. they prefer rocky, “poor quality” soil, so it wasn’t getting much from that. but i am super inexperienced with them, and wanted a baseline. so this color is unexpected, but helpful

when it got “cold” pretty fast i was convinced i’d lost the flower buds. they don’t like sub 50s, and it has gotten into the 40s.

but i brought it inside and the buds straightened up a bit and now they’re kinda continuing along the expected trajectory of a flower opening 😱

a neural net defines MOONWALKING 

middle managers are suggestion boxes that get emptied into the trash every tuesday

the reasons these french people have stated for breaking quarantine are excessively French lmfao

maine has significant diaspora populations of french canadians, acadians, romani, irish, english, and more recently sudanese.. it’s a slang paradise tbqh. only way it would be better is with some russians or finns

i feel like i am the only person on the west coast who says “kife” (steal) sometimes

also my whole life on the east coast if someone said a word someone else doesn’t know, my experience was always, like, “oh! what’s that mean?” whereas here, people seem to immediately think i’ve made an error? so weird

i’m mad at ladybird for stealing ibsen’s anti hyperthyroid medication. how slow does she need to make her thyroid god damn

covid, horrible people, enwhitlement 

downstairs neighbor’s loud music woke me up at 1:30, and i got him to turn it down, but couldn’t fall back asleep for hours ):

idk if this system is working

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