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@morae "that'll be 7.45" "i don't acknowledge *gestures* this game"

*picks up items and leaves*

boost+fav = haha yeah!

boost = this. just. this. I have nothing to add

having experienced both, i think i prefer the better-looking ID / worse-looking at that moment because at least the person knows what’s possible 😂

which is worse: having someone checking your ID tell you the photo looks better than you presently look, or worse

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Oh my one surviving sunflower has started blooming!!!! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL <3

i feel like i’ll always read neal stephenson books because his obnoxious main characters’ anxious inner monologues are similar to my own. it does feel very claustrophobic though

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Netflix could probably bring subscription costs *down*if it just stopped subsidizing the continued careers of several dozen bad comedy men.

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instead of "sir/madam", consider "traveller"

- gender neutral
- fun to say
- acknowledges the endless journey of the soul
- makes you feel like a medieval tavernkeep
- you absolutely can't risk misgendering a wandering swordmaster

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