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advice pre-follow-request; covid 

i have covid right now, and i’m stressed out by moving, so you may want to circle back around 12/30 when i get a puppy. just a word to the wise. love yourself

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just your run-of-the-mill stoner hedge with an anthropogenic weather witch specialization

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if anyone wants a thorough documentation of the account migration process via mobile phone, hit me up later this week, because yeah 🫠

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what’s a server i won’t have to stress out about that has invites available

Leelumz Moving Castle 🗣🗣🗣

I posted this for my patreon subscribers last week, I’ve been itching to show more ppl! What do y’all think?

#BlackArtist #MastoArt

Hey what's up y'all we're just checking in from you better not be shitposting on the fediblock hashtag (we are checking)

Miꞌkmaq girls Olive Muese, Ellen Louis and Marguerite Muesem playing waltes. Photograph taken at Sydney Cove, Nova Scotia, ca.1936

Source: © Nova Scotia Museum and Archives

Tired: This meeting could have been an email
Wired: This video tutorial could have been text

urgent need for unhoused friends 

in sudden need of help with this again.

the car has broken down, and I'm still not ready to move, so they need help with bus passes, storage, and other survival needs

any amount helps, as does spreading the word

Hey #BlackMastodon Reposting this here because I deleted all my old tweets, so my various crypto warnings are all gone:

Get out of Tether. Now. As with NFTs, DAOs, and all of the other Black wealth decimation crypto fails I tried to warn you about, I am not debating this with y'all. Get out of Tether, or don't.

Don't let Alt-Right tech bros sell you crypto pipe dreams about a "separate but equal" financial system with no consumer protections. Not in 2023. These people do not care about you.

Don't let normalcy bias shape your behavior such that you lose your good health, or endanger immunocompromised people around you.

Ask yourself:
- Is my decision-making process based on what I have learned, or what other people have told me?
- Do I have evidence and data to support my thinking or is my proof anecdotal?
- Am I comfortable with being wrong?

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

You probably remember the thing I post every few years about most people being unable to use computers. Today I saw "The science of cycology: Failures to understand how everyday objects work" (2006). I don't know what to say. I need to relearn my relationship with other humans, I think. I'm starting to feel strangely disconnected. Or perhaps I'm simply overestimating the importance of understanding bicycles, or the ability to draw sketches that make sense. I feel like there's a gap between me and so many people that is becoming increasingly harder to bridge.


Adobe has opted your art into building AI systems without telling you. You have to log into your Adobe Account to turn it off.

This is maddening. I don't know why all these places feel entitled to use our work for free.


My request for 2023: stop using BMI.

If you're a member of the public, using it to suggest an 'ideal' weight: STOP.

If you're a clinician, using it to judge someone's weight: STOP.

If you're a scientist, using it as a proxy for adiposity: STOP.

#StopUsingBMI #EpiTwitter

Add this to the list of white women race faking for social, academic and financial gain

There are so many frauds out there... And these big name ones in positions of higher ed and literature-- have such an impact on our lives

Who gets to be able to pass thru college, who gets the talks, invites, access to projects/research, who controls the narrative of *our* lives

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