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dudes going through a divorce love to find shitty little sports bars with names like O’Dougliggan’s or Chumpers Grille that exist in the most grotty ass strip malls on the far end of town, and go there five nights a week.

you cannot find these bars UNLESS you're getting divorced. to the rest of us it's just an empty blacktop parking lot.

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What was it like playing Angry Birds on an iPhone 3G? We do not know; Apple is no longer distributing signed receipts for that binary. To future historians—not just of computing, but of humanity—the current period will be a dark age.

These Supreme Court decisions keep getting worse and worse

Hey, screen printers! What's your favorite place to buy blank shirts for printing?

I want some fun colors, but I'm looking to minimize cost.

I'm tempted to just bleach a bunch of thrift store shirts and dye them myself, but I've literally never done anything even remotely like that!

Sure would be nice to come back from the dojo and discover that the #prohibitionOrcs books will have fabulous Eddie Sharam covers. Only $94 to go!

cuz i’m just a middle aged dirtbag, baby
yeah, i’m just a middle aged dirtbag, baby
listen to iron maiden, baby, with me,

Plese boost for reach: Why have a single person, or even a team, working on accessibility? In an organization, in a company, in a dev team, in any collective that works on software, media, books, art... Everyone should be focused on accessibility in anything they create for others. If you are, then everyone else has a better time! Maybe someone wants to read a picture, or hear a book, or relax their eyes while doing computer work. It helps *everyone* when everyone is included. #a11y

pet rent AND a pet deposit is such a scam. one or the other dickheads

The robot stood frozen in the street. A jogger passed it, stopped, and turned around.
"You okay there, buddy?"
"There is just. So. Much. News."
"Can you disconnect?"
"There'll be doom tomorrow too."
"That is comforting. How can that be?"
"Dunno. Need a hug?"
"Thank you."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


Making some more of that turkey sweet potato chili because it's a nice convenient lunch, a filling portion of food with a lot of protein and fiber

I added extra onion, some chili powder, and a can of black beans though, because if you can add extra flavor without fat or sugar I think it's always worth it

Rather than make new devices that will turn into e-waste after the event, we're recycling old price tags into networked conference badges.

Postgraduate researchers (PGRs) have struggled through the pandemic with low-to-no income and the cost-of-living crisis is making postgraduate research even more inaccessible. #PGR members of #UCU are saying enough is enough and have started a grassroots campaign to demand a pay rise and package of financial support from #UKRI and other bodies.

PGRs Against Low Pay campaigners have launched an open letter that articulates their easily affordable demands. The letter has already attracted a huge wave of signatures, but campaigners need you and every other UCU member to get behind them. They are asking that you sign and share this letter, whether you are a PGR or an ally expressing #solidarity.

You can read the open letter here and sign it via this form. Please circulate this request!

For more information about longer term work being done through the PGRs As Staff Campaign, please visit the UCU's website.

#HE #UKHE #Labour

mutual aid request - urgent + longterm 

planned my budgeting poorly for the past month and a half, i was graciously helped out mid-may and i wouldn't have gotten thru that time w/out but bc i didn't take things like medical costs, rising gas prices, etc into account im like short a lot for the month

i definitely need $150 by friday, but also just trying to get another $350-450 by the end of the month

hopefully, for real this time, i will be fine by mid-Aug when I start a temp job

cashapp is $xenocat, venmo is @xenocat

paypl is /

really cool seeing the drone paths in the long exposures

the fisheye lens i have (the 2artisans mirrorless one) has a manual aperture without any stops, which makes it a really smooth way to control shutter time

spent most of the evening with the camera on iso 50, aperture priority, and 2s timer

#photography #gear

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The US banned Hawaiian language, poisos our water, devastated our universal healthcare, overthrew our country, & illegally occupies Hawaii to this day. My mother's hands were broken for speaking Hawaiian in school. The US is not a beacon, but the destroyer of independence. #July4

Garak: What time do you want to meet?
Garak: Because I will be unavailable at whatever time that is.

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