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just posting to say: i will respect your needs and listen to your suggestions!

if i miss a content warning, mess up fedi etiquette, am blind to my own biases and thus show my whole buns, interact with you in a way you do not like, or anything else that is unpleasant — please tell me. i would prefer privately, but am not too picky about that. i will absolutely not do an anger at you.

I did a drawy

Took couple of days before I could draw a birb that does not look too weird

cuteness levels are 88% and steady

(88%) ■■■■■■■■□□

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famous southpaws:

the ‘lofi hip hop radio - beats to chill/relax to’ girl

Anyway I spent ages on this and people seem to like it and it's about Six Ages, which I hardly ever get to play because it's windows 10 only.

I ran a clan of total arseholes and it went comically well

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Now that Greta Thunberg has been speaking at big events for over a year, more and more often she returns to the same event she's already been at and says stuff like

"I told you, leaders of the world, what to do, but it's been a year and you did not listen."

And then she just goes on giving speeches to the leaders of the world.
& I'm like 'come on... get it... it's right in front of you... you're talking every day about the fact that your strategy isn't working... put two and two together..."

kermit hit billboard top 40 with rainbow connection three decades before miku was even born

Wonder how bitcoin's doing. Remember bitcoin? Remember the 90s??

@Pixley @mood Yarin can stand on the bottom of the ocean with his head above water. Ferdinand only becomes a bull when he or someone he loves is threatened.

and feel regret that i often just let it do its thing bc i feel great sympathy for the broken morass of APIs the internet has become

pls don’t misinterpret my timing data, dark UX pattern person… i would like it to work quickly, without me tappin’ like a fool

because i am just used to everything being sus, i have this idea that they’ve got some telemetry implemented to see how long users wait for that freakin quick-bookmark process to finish

the pushpin ios app (integrates ; works better than Pinner or a bookmarklet — for me) does this thing that is probably an accident but i find fascinating:

the “add an untagged bookmark” option (which i use more frequently than the more robust one) shows a “Bookmarking…” overlay which becomes “Success!” after it’s done.

sometimes i wait and wait on “Bookmarking…”, become frustrated, and tap elsewhere on the screen. it immediately switches to “Success!”

“Do Better” -Love(,) Us
Guidelines for Developing and Supporting Grant-Funded Positions in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums:

written by members of the DLF Labor Working Group's subgroup on contingency/precarity.

while i don't mind the term enby for myself, id prefer if you didn't use it to refer to me over just "person"

I'd rather just have an unknowable / absent gender than a separate gender tied to being outside the binary

(and while enby is a catch all for a variety of non-binary identities, most straights don't know that yet. they just think "gender 3". I don't think of myself as that)

"A 33’ Jenneau arrived after a non-stop passage from Sendai on the Japan east coast. Kenichi Yamashita, his wife and 2 small children had sailed through a serious typhoon in freezing temperatures, in a very light boat with a bendy rig and a 15’ open cockpit, a real racer. Yamashita is a mountain climber and the yacht was rigged with equipment from this sport. The family were in great shape and looking forward to more adventures"

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