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Do you support me getting more involved in my community and the IWW, even if you aren't sure about how you're going to get involved yourself?

I'd appreciate any few dollars folk felt able to throw toward - in the past I've said "all money this month goes toward X friend in need."

For September: All money will go toward my bus fare to IWW events, printing up literature, and at the end of the month, anything extra I'll donate to the IWW's GDC - pays lawyers for folk fired

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lmao i forgot i took a screenshot of my foolish annoyed bitchy message to the credit union. (don’t get me wrong: i love credit unions! better than banks for sure! it’s not about them specifically.) it’s just this thing in my simple mind where their job is to sit on everyone’s money until they need/want it for things, and then give. and they are liable if it wasn’t me saying “give me mood’s money.” so they want to not be liable. and this is some maladaptive attempt to limit that.

Look, I’m just doing my incredibly racist and harmful job. Stop being mean to me!

to me it has highlighted how nothing is ever very simple, because clearly an entire swath of the financial services industry is ALSO “addicted” to amazon

as part of switching away from being so reliant on amazon, i have done the most basic thing which is simply to buy things from their manufacturer’s websites instead of amazon’s.

my credit union’s fraud detection vendor is extremely unhappy.

my account gets frozen about once every 2 or 3 purchases. the only way to unfreeze is a phone tree and then going through my transactions with a human. it is unpleasant and annoying.

dropping the @ and small talking like people yelling from their windows

best malcom mcdowell movie?

i’m gonna say, tank girl

i love being kickstarter, the ethical tech company that is run as a public benefit corporation *a worker tries to unionize* mmm i dont think so sweaty, your fired

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Hey y'all, every state university, major hospital and grocery store in Oregon is about to go on strike. This is as close to a state wide general strike as we have had in years.

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If you boil a funny bone, you make a laughing stock

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