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just your run-of-the-mill stoner hedge with an anthropogenic weather witch specialization

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If you know any #library #metadata nerds who might like a new job based in Melbourne, let them know we're hiring:

Boosts welcome

goth nite (selfie 🤳, ec) 

Pwning you with mind rays

God I feel horrible, can someone gimme £22 so I can get antibiotics from Boots for my rapidly worsening UTI? I can't wait til monday + for my GP to get back to me

would love to draw you something cool in return if you feel like it, once I'm recovered obvs lol. #mutualaid

adblocking is like piracy, because they're both great

suicide, tech, new biz lows 

The tech biz has had many lows, but this one beats them all.

Folks who contact a suicide help line are desperate, emotionally overwhelmed, and not making good decisions. Using that data to help mental health? Sure. Using that data for improving customer service bots? No. No, no, no.

I am beyond horrified.

white gays: “fucking breeders”
marion sims & margaret sanger: *pumping their fists in hell*

I'm drowsy, I got my blood drawn, and I got rejected to the University of Virginia's grad program. Come watch me play Dark Souls II:

Aisha needs mutual aid, they’re disabled but don’t qualify for any assistance; anything to reduce their financial burden would be appreciated; you might PayPal or etransfer (canada only) them:

Ohhhhhh when someone has :thing: in their name, that means every hit deals 9999 damage, I do that too, good luck ❤️

I don't know if folks know, but Patreon is polling creators regarding the potential inclusion of crypto.

If you're a creator, there's included a free form field, so you can let them know in detail your objections.


can't wait for Redditors to come up with /r/WorkOkayMaybeTweakItABitButNotTooMuch

a non techie way to get rid of your spotify if you want to 

i used this semi sketchy windows/mac app to get rid of my spotify a couple years ago. paid maybe $15 for a month of unlimited use and just ripped all my playlists to mp3s.

The attitude that ad blocking is equivalent to piracy is ridiculously entitled. Ads take up bandwidth, they use electricity, they make your equipment outdated quicker by increasing bloat, they reduce the lifespan of your devices, they threaten your privacy, they manipulate you, and malicious ads try to entice you into compromising security.

The greatest cost is to you, the end user, it also costs the environment too, of course. The company makes a small fraction of that cost in revenue, and passes an even tinier fraction on to creators and so on. If you defend this model, you are morally bankrupt.

On this week's page of Bicycle Boy, Poet pulls Machk out of a storm of bad memories.
🚲 | #bicycleboy #webcomic #mastoart

I found about git-worktree this week, and just had to write a bigger-than-a-toot-but-still-short thing about it to share with y'all

Adblockers are killing YouTube influencer industry profits. Search for UBlock Origin so you can help.

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