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safety recall on several BIPAP, CPAP, and mechanical ventilators 

Heads-up via on Twitter, who has further commentary: several breathing assist devices manufactured by Philips under various brandnames used a sound abatement foam material that can degrade and release carcinogenic compounds into the air the user is breathing.

The official recall page is and describes which devices are affected and the claims process.

catcholic church, lgbtq+, homophobia (-) 

Meanwhile in Italy:

> The Vatican has made an unprecedented intervention urging the Italian government to change a proposed law that would criminalise homophobia over concerns it will infringe upon the Catholic church’s “freedom of thought”.

Just to state the obvious: if criminalizing homophobia "infringes" upon your "freedom of thought", you're a homophobe.

Aid Request (Pride Edition) 

I am hosting a crowdfund for @unfitmisfit at their request. If you've seen that Blue's Clues Sing Along video that's been going around, and look closely, you'll recognize one of the flags they use as Kif's.
They have been having financial trouble, and were not consulted or compensated for use of their art. Let's celebrate pride by taking care of our family!

#MutualAid #Crowdfund #TransCrowdfund #Pride

A comrade of mine is needing to find a safe place to crash for a bit in Denver. Her housing situation is getting worse as the person offering it is trying to sexually pressure her and she needs to get out of there.

Needs to be trans friendly and leftist.

Please let me know if you can help, she's a gem and in a bad situation.

Boosts are very welcome.


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fully vaccinated and sticking one leg out from behind a velvet curtain

fully vaccinated and erupting forth from a paper maché nest made of expired coupons

so like i said, i can pay for my $475 repair bill, but that's a third of my money rn and rent's due soon too. i'm not currently in danger of losing my livelihood, but if you wanna help or are rich and should help (tho give money to people who need it more idk),

to-day I am Mad Again about the reduction/expansion of critical race theory from a subject-specific, tightly-defined area of legal scholarship and criticism founded by legal scholars of color within the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, to a general and poorly-defined 'beyond the pale' racial attitude into which children are being indoctrinated in primary and secondary school

the question of "are children being taught critical race theory?" is one with a simple answer: "no." critical race theory is not taught at the primary or secondary school level. those of its most basic critiques which are pedagogically appropriate for children are taught by parents or community leaders or not at all.

I grew up knowing that the jury selection system was racially biased only because of where I grew up and who my parents were; I wasn't taught enough about low-level courts in Civics class to even parse the outlines of an actual critical race theory argument demonstrating said racial bias.

please support the fundraising efforts for current and upcoming legal expenses in my US legal case

for updates on my case:



I am so thankful for all the help I've received in the past day. I am now at $170/$600 and when I have enough for an apartment deposit it will be such a relief. Thank you for anything you can contribute, especially boosting this for greater visibility.
Cashapp $rwcarlisle
Venmo @robertwcarlisle

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Mycology Reading Group

We'll be meeting on Full Moon to learn about pyrophilous (fire-loving) fungi which reside within the bodies of lichens and mosses between fire-events.

🌕 🌲 🔥 🍄

The paper is open-access and relatively short. As always, details are on the Hyphal Fusion forum.

Anyone with an interest in mycology / ecology is welcome! If you feel nervous or unsure about joining, please don't hesitate to drop me a message for reassurance or more details.


Doctors should be required to prove they need the information to ask for your AGAB

i diagnose my friends’ ADD severity based on how many empty toilet paper rolls are in their bathroom


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