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the only good tory is a dead tory
the second best tory is an arch libertarian 75 year old tory who is stubbornly opposed to giving government any power whatsoever

ds9 fanfic consistently overlooking the possibility of using odo as lube

some of you have never heard of the tampon tapes and it shows 💅

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smdh at the brexit ratio on that, he is eating camilla's ass and pussy right now, that's where they disappeared off to

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does the king eat ass

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does the king eat pussy

vagina museum behind the scenes: I had an absolute nightmare composing any star wars based content because it is a chronically un-horny franchise and pretty much all the design of everything even vaguely hole-like looks like buttholes not vulvas.

spotify is locked in a perpetual bafflement at me because every couple of months I stick on mozart's requiem and it's like "oh cool she likes mozart, let's rec that" or "oh she likes choral requiem let's rec verdi" while in fact I put it on whenever I'm carrying a houseplant I killed into the food waste bin

smash cakes are a clever ploy by splosh fetishists to instil the next generation with a sploshing fetish

grahms grahms thirs been a tirrible iccidint. ahve snepped mah benjo string. call en embulince my pinus is broken.

current mood: poorly drawing diagrams for explain to my gf how astrolabes work

the remade premise was better! the cast were pretty good! nic cage would have actually been brilliant in it had the director told him to do quietly mad rather than noisily mad! even the bees thing could have been kinda cool if it hadn't been fucked up so badly by everyone involved in that film

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current mood: absolutely fuming at the wicker man (2006) for being as bad as it was and that is up to and including the fact nic cage was done dirty and should have been better in it

by annoyed I mean betrayed, bitch stole my guild, fuck you horse__girl__326 I hope you're miserable now

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current mood: mad about some bitch on neopets who annoyed me like 20 years ago

🎵I'm like a bird
if you feed me too much rice my tummy explodes :(

Jortsers, horsers and bejortsed horses, I'd like you to welcome my gf @rhubi to the fedi by sending her your finest memes and shitposts so she understands that this is the home of quality posting

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