lowkey love that jorts is so technologically neglected that the favicon is 😂, an emoji which became cringe quite some time ago

we have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to fuck with the military and intelligence services so please be vigilant for the F-35 and spot it somewhere which is difficult to reach and inconvenient for your enemies

find someone who constantly rises to your impassioned defence apropos of nothing the way hadley freeman does it for woody allen

setting up a server for all the meta discourse surrounding this instance. call that jorts.discourse

currently at a conference centre with outrageously bad wifi. everyone else is complaining about it but as a jortser I've trained for ever in entering some text then waiting half an hour or so to discover if it sent or not

what did maggie thatcher write on her tumblr profile 

miners dni

taking bets on when jorts next goes down like an old timey cockfight

the best beatles song was in fact written by nirvana (about a girl)

cross posted this one to bluesky and all I got was a reply from someone telling me how much they liked disney robin hood and how well it stood the test of time

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my favourite unit of time is the dealer's 45 minutes, a measure which is a period of anywhere between 20 minutes and three hours, but absolutely never 45 minutes

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