@notstavvers stupid millenials streaming content, when they could be torrenting 4k vid files

@yaldi @notstavvers ... these 4k-torrenting criminal nerds, or "forkorrentiminerds" ...

@yaldi @notstavvers Streaming 4k videos over bittorrent is what they/we do if 4k makes sense.

Personally I try to find 480p but will usually fall back to 720p when 480p is underseeded or nonexistent.

@tess @distractal @notstavvers I mean thank god I’m not the only one with that stuck in my head now

@notstavvers meanwhile I've been attempting to purchase an illegally modified garden strimmer, which has led to some fruitless Google searches let me tell you

🎵it’s been ripped by
It’s been streamed by
A smooth striminal 🎵

@notstavvers That all sounds awesome, and describes everything I want and everything I want to become.

@notstavvers p.s. wildly, if we could watch what we want, when we want, where we want... we'd probably pay a lot of money for it.

But no amount of money can buy that. Because that fantastic user experience *does not exist* in the market. You can only get it through piracy.

Can't stop the signal.

@notstavvers Those young millenial striminals, only in their 30s, they're kids basically.

LB: streaming millennial criminals é o nome da minha banda de pós-punk vaporwave

@notstavvers Aside from everyone else, where on earth did they manage to find a "young millennial?"

They're all project managers in their 40s with two kids and a sociopathic landlord. They don't have time for video piracy.

@notstavvers Good grief, the festering swamp of establishment talking points on intellectual property/copyright violation gets stinkier and more rancid every year!

@cstross @notstavvers mein erster selbst ausgesuchter Bildschirmhintergrund 😍 (damals auf Windows ME :holdthepain:)

@cstross @notstavvers Some discussion in Germany of making the analogy more precise by codifying copyright infringement as "digital violence" (digitale Gewalt) so that presumably these five traits of pirates are treated commonly:

• murder
• robbery
• rape
• kidnapping
• copyright infringement



@Arpie4Math @cstross @notstavvers Those are all traditional traits of pirates, I'll give them that 🤷‍♂️

But yah, I'm so glad I don't live in Europe, especially the UK, that place is an open air panopticon.

@denki Oh! In the Communism poster. I was looking in the wrong places. =)

@cstross @notstavvers Ha, I remember this meme from the early Micro$oft vs Linux wars in the late 90s / early 2000s.

Here's the original (I think) image, which I kept all those years for unknown reasons :blobcatgiggle:

@scrat @cstross @notstavvers
I still have the original of that poster hanging on my wall! It was by a long-defunct web site called "Modern Humorist", circa 2000, and the original was the MP3 version with "a reminder from your recording industry". The "Microsoft" thing was someone else's later, less funny mod.

@jwz @scrat @cstross @notstavvers I was just going to say, I remember the original poster being about MP3s... and then a reliable source with much more info shows up 😎👍

@evilmicrowizard @jwz @cstross

I'm pretty sure there was a version that mentioned downloading MP3s as well.

@jwz @cstross @notstavvers Thanks, I didn't know the mp3 variant came first.

Good old Napster times, I miss them. 😄

@jwz Interesting. So the MP3 one at wandering.shop/@cstross/110383… is probably a modification of the open source one, which was a modification of the original mp3 one (sans typo).

@scrat @cstross @notstavvers

@scrat @cstross @notstavvers
I think the original was "when you pirate MP3s, you're downloading communism." (But I could be wrong.) There was also a version form the other side: "When you pay for MP3s, you're rocking out with The Man" (or similar).

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