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people will stop me on the street and ask 'why is the nutsling red'? my friend, it represents the blood of our fallen comrades

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tellin my boss maybe he should remote work his tongue in a circular motion against my t'aint and be-hole

you fucken piece of shit, im calling you out

everyone on craigslist thinks email is the same as text messaging and rapid fires out sequences like just “okay” followed by “can u met 2nite” while paradoxically everyone on craigslist thinks texting is like sending formal correspondence with salutations and closes with “Warmest Regards” and a signature like they’re applying for a damn job

just saw a home decorating blog post that suggested buying old books, not to read or anything but just to have on display! it also suggested discarding any dust jackets to keep that “antique or decorative feel”; i wonder what its like being so empty

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its impossible not to laugh at someone crying about the collapse of “NFT culture” when that person has one of those shitty pixel art NFT pfps that look like the entire series were all generated in seven seconds by a python script that just randomly feeds parameters into imagemagick

some kid had his poor mother drive him down from Bellingham to buy a Vista-era eMachines tower from me lol

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a democratic society is what we call it when the government gives rich guys special photo-op tours of their detention camps

mfw i am smelling like a rose that somebody gave me on my birthday death bed

some stupid fucken anime is about to introduce the world's most annoying people to 'shoegaze'

🎶 waterpoo
couldna stop if i wanna to 🎵

sitting down to shit and a spider crawls from under the rim onto your dick

just realized pitchfork gave medicine's classic debut album a 6.9 with the sentiment 'it doesnt quite work' but the piece of shit dance record absolute nobody likes an 8.0 so basically what im saying is never read an album review

bottles and cans and just crap your pants and just crap your pants

oh shit 1995 was the first year for Warped, that means this was considered an incremental improvement over the original lineup

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found a copy of the original Vans Warped Tour 96 (the first year) sampler CD and hoo boy its bad

its absolutely wild that "carving my initials into tomorrow's turds" was being tossed around back in the 80s

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