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I'm going to start a queer developers' discord server, boosts ok! Planning to setup a irc-discord/matrix-discord for it bridge at some point as well.

why is my toot from four years ago suddenly getting attention even though i have not used this site much at all for like three years

if a fursona makes you furry and a lizardsona makes you scaley does a demonsona make you horny

wow i'm looking through my old posts after a year of inactivity and goddamn i'm extremely funny

me getting laser: harder
operator: what
me: what

if you ever said "blue lives don't matter" i have a little story for you. about a little guy that lives in a blue world. and all day and all night, everything he sees? is just blue

if there were a girl lying next to me on this bed who tenderly tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and gave me a lil kiss on the lips? that'd be just grand

mr sandman, sand me a man. make him as smooth as you possibly can

is compersion the opposite of compassion or schadenfreude send toot

i just sent the message "tea leaves are not a solvent" and that makes me think

Gonna separate my dysfunction into executive, legislative and judicial

ukpol shitpost 

scouse independence now

ukpol (/uspol) 

the english 🤝 the yanks

being too racist to have a functioning democracy

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