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I'm going to start a queer developers' discord server, boosts ok! Planning to setup a irc-discord/matrix-discord for it bridge at some point as well.

Definitely would put this in Izzet Drakes. Not sure about Izzet Phoenix

this seems pretty nutty and i'll be amazed this doesn't show up in like every green sideboard

I could be wrong in case people make an amass pile that's more late game than mine, though

seems a bit understatted but still seems good in limited

(also ask me about how mad i am that none of the magicfests in europe in q2/q3 are standard )

I was going to go to a magic event at Stansted but I might as well go to MagicFest Copenhagen instead at this rate.

if you guessed the former, you'd be wrong! the absolute state of trains in the UK i swear

which do you think would be cheaper: taking a train across the country, or getting a flight to copenhagen

I'm probably going to go to MF birmingham later in the year but i'm not really confident about playing the main event, i think i'm a better drafter than i am a modern player

debating making plans for MagicFest Copenhagen

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