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I'm going to start a queer developers' discord server, boosts ok! Planning to setup a irc-discord/matrix-discord for it bridge at some point as well.

is compersion the opposite of compassion or schadenfreude send toot

i just sent the message "tea leaves are not a solvent" and that makes me think

term limits for my executive dysfunction pls

Gonna separate my dysfunction into executive, legislative and judicial

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polls open 7 am close 10 pm. should be time to vote in at least a dozen constituencies or so if i'm quick

if i make this years advent of code VM thing use longs instead of ints is it now longcode


To avoid the whole debate, i say the whole acronym, i.e. "Graphics Interchange Format" instead of gif, "Structured Query Language" instead of SQL, etc. Some acronyms like GNU take longer to say but i think it's worth it

(to the tune of billie jean)
Skinny jeans are not knee highs
they're denim pants that fit real tightly on

welcome to new york
concrete jungle red cream tomato

P.S. Trotsky has posted cringe. we shall neither boost it nor reply to him

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Unstoppable shitposting engine.