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I'm going to start a queer developers' discord server, boosts ok! Planning to setup a irc-discord/matrix-discord for it bridge at some point as well.

linguists love ambiguity more than most people

mario party: sorry, you don't have enough coins for this star!
me: unsurprising that a huge corporation like nintendo would produce a game that so blatantly asserts a twisted "kid-friendly" version of capitalism as the only way forward. i play video games to escape the alienation one experiences in this imperialist nightmare world yet i'm thrust right back into the capitalist hellscape when i try to play a fun party game with friends

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this has been a five minute tour into my thoughts

like unless you're eating butter straight out of the container leaving it all unsalted seems better for finer control of the salt content

me at 3am:

why have we as a society decided that we want to salt our butter. instead of you know having it all be unsalted and having people salt things as needed

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my mastodon account got demonitised because i posted "be straight don't crimes"

broke: moving off twitter because freeze peach
woke: moving off twitter because it's becoming increasingly hostile to trans and left wing people
bespoke: moving off twitter because the interface redesign is terrible

i think trains should be free except for landlords who shouldn't get to use them at all

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