You have been visited by margaret hamilton. Fast code and moon landings will come to you but only if you boost this toot

First she conceived it.
Then she wrote it.
Then she compiled it.
And after she print all this.
Someone took a picture of her.
How sad is it to be a dev now that you take an instagram in front of your Atom IDE where you import everylib from the dark corners of stackoverflow.

She is so badass !

You forgot one little thing ... In assembly language

@lord @panamapauper yeah how fucking sad to have basic technological advances that make it easier for developers to write more complicated code for any purpose and share work and solutions with people around the world then have the audacity to socialise around the fact for more likemind people to engage with. Why aren't we making computers with sticks and stones ! Shut the fuck up you self-righteous dirtbag.

@hiemstra @panamapauper
I just ordered this for my daughter 🙂 I was waiting for it to be available.

She named the main ignition sequence routine "burn_baby_burn{}"

@panamapauper *looks at lunar electrostatic instrument in vacuum setup*
*smashes that requip button*
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