high difficulty escape room: youre laying in bed and you have one hour to get out of bed

@panamapauper okay, assuming 9 minutes is the snooze time, I can hit snooze 6 times and still have 6 minutes to get up. That’s plenty of time, perfect. I can get up in 6 minutes, no problem. how do i pin somebody else's toot

Nightmare mode: It's 50ºF (10ºC) in the room and you're under a very warm comforter

Lunatic difficulty: With a collection of good books and/or an internet-connected device within arm's reach.

@decis @mawr @panamapauper Impossible Difficulty: there is a sleeping cat on your chest which starts purring every time you move.

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Horses can wear jorts too. [[THIS IS ETERNALLY A WORK IN PROGRESS]]