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oh no!!! help me help me!!! :-] help me im in trouble!!!!! =)
*u get off your horse and rush over to me*
haha you came you really came!!
*gives u a hug*
i love u =]

seeing something absolutely terrible that makes me feel real bad: that rules dude. that fuckin owns. [crying] you love to see it lmao

re-reading all my toots and muttering 'a classic moment' under my breath

hi i am Mo! i'd like to reach out to other asexuals to learn things and ask questions about your experiences. i don't know anyone like me and want to know what is typical or what it is like to date or navigate the world and so on. if you want to send a story or advice or stats or resources that would be super cool and i would appreciate it a heck of a lot because i am just arriving to this identity and it feels right but also confusing . (boosts ok) (thank you so much) πŸŒΈβš‘οΈπŸ–€πŸ’š

@peemobil had red beans and rice tonite.. im basically a local now....

wow. so i really spent the last five hours on this sidewalk with my asscheeks painted like a hot dog bun and nobody is gonna help me complete the illusion? fuck this society

if she's your girl how why is she showing me her bakugan collection

waiting for the dang airport shuttle..... hanging out in a public toilet... right on!

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when a joke turns into an argument with a fossbro that's called dunk cost

rode my damn skateboard....... the bigger wheels are so nice it feels so fricken fast


in middle school i was part of the clique that was really into dirtbikes and call of duty trickshots

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