smiling politely at someone you just saw trip up the stairs

The F in John F Kennedy stands for Fuck

Uptown girl
She's been living in a
For ninety years now she's been
On that ride
All the other passengers
Have died
She's still inside

Whoa o-o-Oh-o-Oh-o

Vam-pir-ic hunger grows
For more centri-
fugic souls for my

Uptown girl
She's my uptown gi-i-irl
(Supplying victims to my)
Uptown girl
(Ancient carnivalan)
Uptown girl
(Torquing blood out for my)

man im feeling down today... *tugs collar* but like *ahem* in an, Intellectual way.......

I get to work and I’m like “why am I here” I get back to the apartment and I’m like “why am I here” I sit in the middle of a road like “why am I here”

would you listen to a podcast of me talking about the ocean....I've been thinking about it a lot lately but not sure if the effort is worth it unless it's something other than me would care about

I have always had a crush on Katy Perry (please don't haze me) but I only just realized that in my imagination, she's always towering over me at like 6'4" (193cm) or something. not sure why anyone would care, but I think it's weirdly revealing about me

had a dream i was running around naked on some rooftops trying to remember where i left my undies...... wtf

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Horses can wear jorts too. [[THIS IS ETERNALLY A WORK IN PROGRESS]]