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nobody has to do anything and also what if we stopped

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oh no!!! help me help me!!! :-] help me im in trouble!!!!! =)
*u get off your horse and rush over to me*
haha you came you really came!!
*gives u a hug*
i love u =]

open-backed headphones are really good at making me think that someone is knocking on my window

just wanna zip some ps2 memory cards into my backpack

touch enabled two finger pinch zoom and scroll interactive coca cola bottle cap

watching 1440P60FPS_GOPRO_HandleMount_Dull_Axe_Chopping_Down_RedPine[STABILIZED].mp4 prisoner's cinema style on the backs of my eyelids

some digital painting practice =]

if anybody wants to watch im gonna stream while i work on it more later (i'll post when)

by the way i got a cat.. meet Cowboy. he was very small a month ago but now he is almost normal sized at just over 6 months old.

got a grapefruit scented spray-on hydrocortisone topical for my rashy cat and i drank some and i think im addicted to it

under water at the bottom of lakes and ponds 😳

just logged on to finally unfollow eugen. now i am free

i am sweating like a grilled cucumber; death and destruction follow me; i am rolling around under a hot iron, screaming with perverse delight

going apecrap on the drapes until i hear some echoey white guy guitar music

i remember one time during the august18 masto rush, i checked my phone while i was walking back from class and had like 30 new followers, and it blew my mind. i was so excited

____-ing a/the _______ in/from/to/until ___________ and _______-ing it

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been working on a dark souls boss design 

what do u think!!? #mastoart

ripping the C4 hammer out of the piano and swallowing it

guy who hates dartboards throwing darts at a photo of a dartboard taped up on a dartboard

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