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kris kringle and ready to christian pringle

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oh no!!! help me help me!!! :-] help me im in trouble!!!!! =)
*u get off your horse and rush over to me*
haha you came you really came!!
*gives u a hug*
i love u =]

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boutta make a reality tv show that is entirely blurred out except for one coca-cola logo

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psshhzzzzhhhh,, beepbeep ,

gamer mode:: activated

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*the admin of .social voice*
awOOOOOOgah! hoo-wee mama!!! *tongue rolls out of mouth, snapped back up like an old curtain*

when people open glass doors by just pushing with their hand right on the glass instead of using the pushbar or handle or whatever........ thats powerful

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@peemobil sending peemo a very special sexy romantic muscle valentines day YEE HAW

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*extremely Khia voice*
My neck
My back
Gen Z do not

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maybe it's not "my responsibility" to pwn matt but god damn it someone has to do it

OMG.. <Robert Downey Jr.> called <me> a <freaky chicken> wtf!!!!!!!

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all Americans eat are those epic hot sauces that have yellow danger signs on them. awful nation.

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remember to send your crush a valentines day "yee haw!!!!!!"

goofball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unstoppable shitposting engine.