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nobody has to do anything and also what if we stopped

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oh no!!! help me help me!!! :-] help me im in trouble!!!!! =)
*u get off your horse and rush over to me*
haha you came you really came!!
*gives u a hug*
i love u =]

just accidentally did some mindfulness.. another lifetime of carefully curated misery , ruined

shadow on my foot got me fucked up. too cinematic,

sometimes nobody likes my tweets and i think whats the point!!!! then i see a shadow falling across my foot while i wash my hands and i remember , that there is none

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Image CW : Selfie, eyes cropped out

new pack new me
bag life
bag world
bag utopia

if i was a billionaire it would be because i worked hard to earn it and was very very respectful and well behaved

cannabis marijuana weed 420 etc 

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The map in ACNH is fully teraformable

The 4x5 green space, with every river filled in and each cliff flattened to the ground, gives you 5120 tiles.

But this doesnt include your neighbors houses, the town square, the museum, the camp ground, or your own house stuffed to the gills with money.

With your whole island devoid of trees, flowers, villagers, arts, culture, community, a house displaced to the ether, and ironically, nowhere to spend your money, you'd have 7,168 tiles to store 99,000 bells on.

That's still only 71% of the way to 2 billion, and the sand tiles on the coast are not going to make up this difference

relishing another day off from work by taking a huge diarrhea shit every two hours

i was deep in thought today ..when my Wiping Fingers dipped beyond my attention ,and into the Poop Water . since then i have awakened into a greater and truer self ..

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no photograph or image otherwise seemingly Captured exists free from artifice or intent....... indeed i cannot escape even the filter imposed by mine own eyes....or mind's eyes... is there no truth available to me??????? time to jack off

i refuse to interpret or to understand. i absolutely will never view a series of symbols and synthesize them into information

i hate reading stuff on the internet. every time i see a post my joints tremble and my chest swells with rage. every time i scroll up or scroll down my skin flakes off like paint from your grandfathers shed. every time i see words i am struck on the peak of my head and driven deeper into the earth

finished this today its cute. me and my sister on a first day of school

thanks to groundbreaking digital forensic technology finally we can hear what he was playing..

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