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nobody has to do anything and also what if we stopped

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oh no!!! help me help me!!! :-] help me im in trouble!!!!! =)
*u get off your horse and rush over to me*
haha you came you really came!!
*gives u a hug*
i love u =]

remembering one time i spent 4 hours setting up a livestream where i played need for speed and used a face tracker to steer the car with my head and nobody watched

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we will have
sever's to sea
t you and to
take your order

the world is inside me 😳 inside my mind😎

what do you get when .you cross a ice cream cone, with a telephone

ice cream phone 😎

what do you get, when you cross a door knob. with a guy named Bob

door knob Bob 😳


blowing a big bubble in the shape of a bubble

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oh yeah tough guy?? well why dont you go sing those special words into a little tube and see what happens then!!!!!!

just breathing my special little breath

pump the brakes!! pump the brakes!!!!!!!! nothing happens 😎
πŸŽ‰ life and universe just keeps whooshingπŸ’¨
whoosh whosh wgooishe wiosh who'sh,

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@peemobil *Michawl Bay shot as I slowly stand up in rubberball rampworld, taking in the enormity of this new strange place. Rubberballs and ramps as far as the eye can see*

[BOUNCES UP TO U] welcome to rubberball rampworld [FLIES OFF A RAMP

@peemobil my body hurts so im gonna do this tomorrow!!!!

please send me some freaky little jokes or poems....

im trying to practice print layout stuff so i was gonna start a little zine tonight..

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