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@peptostate geet's political ad when running for mastodon vice president

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So in typical American fashion, hospitals are FIRING DOCTORS AND NURSES who talk about how they are not getting the equipment they need. LIKE IT'S NOT A GOT DAMN PANDEMIC GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

It's like the want people to die. This is so absurd.

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Domestic abuse is spiking due to lockdown orders (by approximately 40%, seemingly.)

If you are in the UK or US and are unable to speak out loud on a 999/911 call, you have some options.


call 999 and, once your call is picked up, press 55. it will ask you a couple of things to confirm but you will not have to speak. Police will be sent to you.

you can text 999. to do this, you need to first register your phone number. text "Register" to 999 and follow the instructions it sends back. then you will be able to send normal texts to 999.


in many places, you can just text 911 straight away. here is a list from the FCC of places that support this (updated monthly)

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Fellas, is it statist to applaud police violence? Your literally cheering on the state exercising it's monopoly on violence 😳

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@peptostate when I saw this at first I thought it read "the librarian network" and I have to say I am really disappointed

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@thelibertariannetwork Okay, I must now go forward into the belly of the beast. I must go to the website of this shitty account:

If I die from an overdose of freedom, tell my wife I love her.

@thelibertariannetwork Buckle up for some fucking freedom!

[Genuine CW for a picture of a firearm]

[Fake CW for those of you who can't handle a full dose of liberty]

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It seems the reason this account followed roughly 1000 mastodon users is to ensure we all learned about this one shitty libertarian website that nobody will ever care about.

And how did they accomplish this? By posting a whopping nine (nine!) posts.

Is this because the account is run by a lazy shithead? Probably yes! However, I must investigate further to confirm.

But first, let me show you my favorite picture from this hilarious account for cool winners...

@thelibertariannetwork Okay, so my goal for this evening is to figure out whether this account is either:

1) a bot, or;
2) an actual human chud with absolutely zero imagination or sense of self-reflection

This was honestly not immediately obvious to me at a glance, so now I will investigate and tell you what I find. If I had to decide now, I would say "it's a bot," but lets make sure by looking at some wonderful posts!

Hey, thanks for the follow, famous fuckin' mastodon account @thelibertariannetwork

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