the word for "spaghetti" in Italian is "a-sphogettatina!"

If they keep fuckin' around, they're gonna turn me back to the old me (an infant baby)

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Happy father's day to the hardest working dad of all: Eminem

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Good morning Party People, what is in the #DadCinema canon?

Made a new cryptocurrency called trees coin which I mine with energy I get by blowing up trees

stop texting "happy father's day" to my wife!

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on this day we celebrate St. Patrick driving the dads out of Ireland

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at the end of the new iCarly season she points to the viewer and everyone turns toward the camera and she says "Now... *you* Carly" and then it goes black. my question is, what does this mean

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fuck this asshole for eternity, he was part of a Tory uni group that had 'Hang Nelson Mandela' posters

he may have been funny as speaker, but he is a fucking monster and his wife is a shithead

come to think of it, he fits Starmer's Labour perfectly

In the new buddy comedy, these two buddies say to each other: "we are buddies."

the laws of physics are the universe's own unique brand of posting

List of new baseball positions:

-Top Screamer
-Knife Child
-Bruce II

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