Movie idea: a dog who believes in himself and joins the mafia

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sorry for my recent behavior ive been watching a lot of british panel shows on youtube and they made me a little bit rowdy


Sometimes, movies are a good object when you want to watch a thing such as a movie. I rate movies 1 out of 1 movies.

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i'm lost in the walls of your house. let me out i'm itchy.

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@whinybottom this film deep cleaned all the carpets in my home and helped me to divorce my enormous rude husband, kevin

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@pisscotheque 9/10 best film of the summer. "it will make you leave the room and reconcile your relationship with the heavenly father"

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child: i must illicit the help of a spook killer

spook killer: you are but a child, a fool, you do not know of what you speak

mother: *alternative spook*

spook killer: child you are correct, and wise

child: aaa

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made horror film while koothroon does food preparing

mother, in bed, ill: come closer my child

child: no mama, i am frighten

mother: come closer, tehe

child: ok then

mother: *spook*

child: oh dear

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I'm sure you're as sick of seeing these as I am of posting them, but we don't have anywhere else to turn to try to raise the money to get a new place before they toss us out just so they can renovate these condos to raise the rent

Please please keep boosting these and cross posting them

πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ–€ πŸ–€ πŸ™ πŸ–€ πŸ–€ πŸ’– πŸ’–$luxotek

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you have been visited by the Sad Kamala

reply "ACAB" or be cursed to live under neoliberalism

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Boats. I hate them.

Firstly, if you put an item that big in the water, it shall sink. So boats are a useless example of make-up pretend.

Also, the word "boat" sounds ridiculous: "bote! bote! bote!" This is baby talk.

Lastwise, the word "boat" is not spelled correctly. It should either be spelled "bote" or be pronounced "bow-at."

Fuck to boats.

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The reason ACAB:

Cop 1: You be good cop, I'll be bad cop
Cop 2: No, I wanna be bad cop!
Cop 1: Well we can't all be bad cop!
Both: ...
Both: ... Unless?

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Soon it'll be Halloween, and you know what that means! Show more

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i am glad that heidegger is finally getting the cancellation he deserves on here

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at first i thought my life was a tragedy, but now i realise it’s a lasagna

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