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I was having a normal work conversation with a client when he suddenly said, in a much softer voice, "not right now, Daddy's on the phone"

all I could say was "you're working from home, right?"

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if I had a dollar for every time someone presented me with a problem, and then gave me a second one instead of answering a simple question about the first, I would have enough money to reduce this place to rubble

did I miss chicken pox posting? I got it right at the end of first grade, so I missed the last few days of school, aka the days when they have given up on teaching and do parties instead

no, YOU are still bitter

Wise words on technology creep from a former coworker:

"But again, be forewarned. We were told this same thing with the advent of word processors, and in the end, we didn’t go home early because we got our work done. Instead we output more letters."

If you are in the UK and disabled and/or on a low income and in receipt of certain benefits, you may be entitled to £140 to help with your winter energy bill.

The Warm Home Discount Scheme is still open for 2018/19.

The number of them that suppliers are allowed to give out are limited so talk to your supplier asap to see if they take part and you can get it.

so far today I have been told I am a greasy bumpkin and also mild-mannered, it's like they don't even know me

I don't know how to feel when a coworker says "why are you so dressed up?" and the only difference from normal is my shirt has long sleeves

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