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rt if you use computer hardware, computer software, or computer peripherals. has anyone ever used a computer. are there any computers likers on this network

Link: man I'm so hungry
an octorok: HOW HUNGRY

I'm the guy putting all the woke nanobots into GPT4's cyber-brainstem to corrupt its cerebral matrix. you're welcome

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fermi paradox is fake lmao. just listen harder tbh

drawing a great big family tree of discourse, showing how debates changed to be arguing about something completely different from the original topic. somehow I will prove that all discourses evolved from one common ancestor

the anti-circumcision provisions of the DMCA

aw hell nah, mastodon's got crypto spam bots now. it really has finally caught up to twitter

shepherds be investing in the flock market

mastodon will never take off because it doesn't have Discourse

we got some smokin' babes
sizzlin' babes
boiled babes
mashed babes
stick em in a stew babes

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people making fun of me violates my 1st amendment I think,

everyone should buy a digital kick me sign! it's so good I'm giving it away for free to people who don't want it

if elon bans dril the twitter servers will just collapse. that's a load bearing account right there

elon keeps giving celebrities a checkmark but they're all desperately trying to get rid of it

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absolutely no one who was originally verified on twitter wants a new checkmark. it's been devalued so much that it's just a mark of shame now. it's so fucking funny fans when enjoyers enter the chat

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