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getting defederated on the mycorrhizal network

if we let elon musk blow up just one moon will he be satisfied and go away forever? give him one of the moons of saturn to blow up. it doesn't matter, the debris will just become part of the ring

I'm pretty sure swiftonsecurity runs a secret cabal of gimmick accounts on twitter. the "Iinux" parody account and "RAINBOWFlSH" have like the exact same style

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My fucking oven has an update for "Turkey mode" and when I hit install it showed an updating screen for twenty minutes until it restarts back into asking me if I want to install Turkey Mode

Fuck Turkey Mode!!!

everyone crying at me to stop pissing my pants in public are just afraid of my ideas

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*pets you, making source engine physics noises*

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me in my living room watching the raccoon outside spell my full name out with dry leaves

the male suicide epidemic is caused by not enough random acts of dicksucking

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answering captchas wrong on purpose is praxis

scans of the internet from before 2022 will became valuable like pre-nuclear steel. from a time before the internet was flooded with noise from AI spambots. at least humans have some grounding in reality and get information about the world with their eyes and ears. AI only has information from the internet and so produce garbage output from garbage input. it'll become a feedback loop of AIs getting trained on AIs

the year is 2035. my AI landlord is a girlboss. I ask it to fix the leaking pipes and it recites a half-remembered self-help quote at me

all the information on here is nonsense and you will lose all sense of objective reality if you stare at it for too long but it's ok because it's haha funny lol

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see the difference between me and my grandparents is I know this social media shit rots my brain but I'm doing it to myself "ironically" or whatever

techbros are exactly the same as the stupid AI they've cooked up: confidently wrong about every topic

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