stop normalizing the grind and start normalizing whatever this is

@poafies Those critters are having a merry Winter celebration!

@poafies opossums the heart and soul of the party as usual

@poafies definitely!!

Btw, the painting is known as “Christmas in the Woods” by W. Philip Vinton Clayton. 1917.

@poafies This is an illustration of my brain, and each animal is an anxiety.

@poafies probably shouldn't have commented this to a stranger. haha sorry.

@poafies OH MY! The season of frozen apples on the ground. Yummmm, feeding time!

@poafies This was used as cover art for a CD of Christmas music (Wild Christmas?), rendered exclusively in sampled animal sounds, from shrimp to humpback whales. Lovely madness.

@poafies A bunch of woodland critters dancing around in the snow and maybe running on cider? Sign me up!

@poafies Best guess, it's Saturnalia in the Animal Farm Cinematic Universe.

@poafies "Begin round two! C'mon Scorpy, let's go!!" -Perry Bible Fellowship

@poafies I don’t want to escape from reality, I want reality to escape from me.
- Grace Slick

@poafies Bc if the possums really start dancing around then THERE is a party going.

@poafies @loren oh, that’s the annual Winter Solstice Fuzzy Woodland Creature Rave. This was the year the possum dug up some really gnarly mushrooms and brought them to the celebration. That was a wild year.


@poafies @MmeLibertine there’s definitely quite a few wasted forest animals in there 😂

@poafies I dislike cold weather, but will gladly join in on this fun!

@poafies the grimm fairy tales reboot of the step up movies is looking good.

@poafies This is so lovely. Where's it from and are there more like it?

@Finch if you search "Philip Vinton Clayton" online you may find similar works

@poafies Thanks for replying. I'll certainly have a look.

@poafies Some of his illustrations - particularly the elves - look strikingly similar to Fritz Baumgarten's. If you like this sort of thing, I'd definitely Google him.

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