Librem One: Nazis are fine, defeat them in the marketplace of ideas if they bother you
Also Librem One:

@robotcarsley I'd be tempted to yell "debate me" at them but I'm odd that way

Librem One: The only bad Nazi is a non-paying one

Didn'tcha know, these days nazis are fine but shitposting isn't.

@robotcarsley let's all get blocked by

the solution is pretty easy. just have ever-escalating arguments with nazis. nothing genuine, just toy with them and make them angry. doxx them if you can.

@lyliawisteria yeah, I honestly am considering provoking whoever is running that abuse account since the two way block is the only way to be sure nothing of yours federates

@lyliawisteria and done. Dunking on these shitheads is fun, but it's also the kind of behavior I was glad to have left behind on Twitter, so falling back into it probably isn't good for me

@robotcarsley it helps to have a purpose in mind and not spend too long in the shit.

@hasya23 it is absolutely the funniest possible response. I thought he had shrugged it off because his immediate reply was to just paste some Youtube link with Stallman yammering, but the fact he was calling the cops in the background kind of undermines that.

@robotcarsley @hasya23
hes the dumbass who was telling me i was "hurting the fediverse" by recommending instance blocks

@larrydavis @hasya23 I feel like there's an infinite faceless army of these idiots so it's a relief to occasionally realize you're running into the same one again

@robotcarsley Why pay for a less good version of a service you can get for free elseweb?

@robotcarsley they pay for this. They PAY TO ACCESS THIS MASTODON SERVER

@savedr @robotcarsley no you can get an account on the mastodon and matrix servers for free

it sucks because i dont hate the matrix server but i also dont want my handle to be associated with them 😩

@anna @robotcarsley @savedr there’s better ways to get into matrix than to associate yourself with that garbage fire

@Frinkeldoodle @savedr @robotcarsley fuck if i can find any of them, i dont want an account on the main instance

@anna @robotcarsley @savedr I’m sure there’s bound to be a few decent ones out there that aren’t the flagship! I know of at least one or two, but they’re furry-centric, and I’ve been contemplating spinning up a new one but it would probably be furry-centric (unless if I can think of a good not furry centric theme :P)

@Frinkeldoodle @savedr @robotcarsley i really want a witches one but i probably need another $80 server to do it

@anna @robotcarsley @savedr I remember it being somewhat inefficient, not sure if that’s improved over time though.

@Frinkeldoodle @savedr @robotcarsley all i know is that when a fully hosted service costs wholeass $1/user it must be wild

like if as many people used matrix as used w.l and i bought the service from a provider it would cost me $1000/mo lol. obviously its gonna be a lot cheaper to run myself but that really makes me question how much fucking hardware this shit needs

@robotcarsley remember that time librem one wouldnt even talk to me about helping them run their instance in a way that isnt a complete embarassment constantly :blobtea:

@salixlucida their position is that recruiting for Nazi orgs, advocating for genocide, and other delightful Nazi activities are not harassment, but god help them if they bofa anyone

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