kinda annoying that you kick his ass and then he just gets up and has sad-dad time with luke

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jedi academy update:
even kyle katarn is no match for the power of spinny

Please stop laughing at CatGPT. Please stop sharing this picture. It's not funny. This is a slippery slope. It might only meow for now, but what's next? What will our cats do if CatGPT takes their jobs? Do we really want artificial intelligence to sleep all day? To scoff at the $50 worth of cat food you just purchased? To knock your full glass of water over and feel zero remorse when it shatters on the floor? Call me a Luddite, but I believe we must destroy CatGPT to protect our feline friends.

[True AI Blade Runner]

Roy Batty: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

Deckard: Tell me how you got those bike shorts.

Roy Batty: I'm glad you asked. I purchased these bike shorts at Tyrell-mart. They are made of polyester which is a blended fabric....

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I've never really had a hero or a mentor but there's a raccoon nearby who steals boots from backyards and throws them at people from high in a tree, and she might be it

people who insist that police reform remains possible after countless failed efforts would never afford the same degree of opportunity to regular people who break the law. you screw the pooch x number of times and they'll write you off forever. only cops get infinite do-overs.

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What I particularly hate is I don’t WANT to have to wear a mask in public every day. It’s humid, itchy, and makes personal interactions even harder for me than usual. But our country has basically* stopped monitoring virus levels, so it will forever be a gamble now.

* Yes, I know there’s still monitoring being done in places, but it’s nowhere near what it used to be, because we deemed that to be too expensive.

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Outta my way, idiot family! I'm off to hang out with my fellow bros!

Many of the conservatives who are pushing hardest for book bans in public schools homeschool their kids or send them to private schools.

They still push for this because destruction of public schools as an engine of egalitarianism, democracy and social mobility serves their larger ideological goals of having an unequal society with "good people" like them at the top, served and exploited by exploited and ignorant poor underneath.

I don’t want to hear Republicans complain about voter fraud anymore.

The "genius" of the US system of government is it can be sabotaged by bad faith actors with minimal effort.

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