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thread! i will be collecting my various thoughts and adventures in this thread…

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gonna collect all my dumbest posts in this thread…

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yet again,

i would like to move on to this part of the political process

help the 5g made my grandma too strong, she ran downstairs at her apartment home and started flipping over the bingo tables and ripping up the other ladies macrame

I actually think its good that so many people modify their trucks to look like they do war crimes because then I don’t have to wonder if theyre going to even slow down at a stop sign

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Doing the connecticut yankee eclipse prediction thing but for the loud phone noise

Baldur's Gate 


Karlach after the cutscene: (doin a little dance, hopping around happily)

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How minute are these fifteen cities? Are they visible to the naked eye?

praying that Grimes can one day be reunited with her three beautiful children, TurboGrafix-16, Nickelodeon Gak and 8008135 🙏🏻

The Texas woman whose ex-husband is suing her friends for $1 million each for allegedly helping her obtain an abortion says in a new court filing that he promised to drop the lawsuit in exchange for sex — then reneged on the deal afterward.

The fact that 'fifteen-minute cities' is now a dirty word really puts into perspective all the time people spent agonising over whether 'defund the police' and similar slogans were too radical.

AI nonsense, bluesky screenshot, mild lewd, cartoon guns, uhh 

Facebook Messenger has added ai-generated stickers and it's going exactly how you'd expect

kind of a dick move for bg3 to include blight, which is just worse than fireball against everything except some tree monsters, and then all of the tree monsters you encounter have fucking necrotic resistance anyway

the thing i'm working on is 97% done but also grievously behind :(

and one annoying but completely reasonable consequence of that is other people's changes constantly hitting you, merge merge merge integrate integrate integrate

The way the mainstream is approaching gender-affirming care isn't normal.

In a normal process, questions about a treatment lead to further research, and if the evidence bears out the idea that something is amiss, then the treatment approach is adjusted.

With gender-affirming care, we're skipping the evidence step and acting as if the act of raising questions alone creates a problem for a treatment with decades of evidence behind it. #trans #journalism #science

The words “strike” and “union” have reached near erotic status for me.

I thought I had seen all the good flat earth memes by now but this one is a masterpiece of the form

and now back to your regularly scheduled barely working website -- this has been our yearly scheduled outage due to me being a disastrously uncoordinated fuckup that forgets to renew the domain name every. single. year. happy jortsmas everybody!! :gynecologist:

happy october, the traditional time when we gather round the jorts pumpkin patch and forget to renew the domain

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