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no one owes any random strangers on the internet anything more than common decency, unless they prove themselves unworthy of it to begin with
i say random strangers because if you form a bit of a relationship with someone things get tricky, but if we're talking about someone you're not really close to. like i said u don't owe them anything outside of common decency

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i don't love conflict but i've learnt to stop living in fear of it and accepting it as a fact of life and realizing that a conflict will end in either a resolution where people reconcile or they don't, and if they don't, such is life

does account aliasing take time because its not working. its possible i somehow fudged the details somewhere but i checked over and i'm 99% sure the details are right

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there was this old rock song i had on my greatest songs of all time list but i forget what it was
house of the rising sun used to be on it but it got overplayed to me

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born to die might be on my best songs of all time list
maybe i should make that list real

if homer's son was racist: breitbart simpson

i have geopolitical questions about america and china does anyone think they may be able to answer?

where the in group shrinks (eg. you're not white? you're not in the circle. not a man? out of the circle) sort of propels an opposition to necessitate existence

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i voiced it somewhere, i don't remember if it was here, but it was something about how ideas don't die
and then i realized that that doesn't necessarily imply that a revolution is inevitable no matter how long it takes, but also the world can be dominated by more malicious ideas such as fascism
now, i'm no scientist, i can't back this up, but i believe the counterpoint to that is due to what i sort of refer to as the ever closing circle of right wing beliefs...

i wish it was socially acceptable to tell people to get off your dick metaphorically

"why leftist memes have too much text 😏 "
while yes lots of leftists fail to be succinct, its because our ideologies can't be simplified down to "we fucking hate minorities"

everytime i read the term "he or she" i lose 2 years of life

what if instead of sad bart edits people did happy bart edits

this can probably be used in some transphobic way but i dunno its gotta be a common trans person thing to have medical issues pertaining to the body you're born in and not wanting to refer to your body as the gender of the one you were born in, right? happens to me at least and i feel its gotta be common

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i feel you could probably combine the latin words for genitalia and people or something similar lmao

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do you think there could be non gendered scientific/medical terms for certain body types? eg as opposed to saying man referring to a person born with a penis or woman for a person born with a vagina. there's "people with x" and amab/afab but those are pretty clunky

granted i've only heard mellon cholie but tonight tonight is by far the best smashing pumpkins song, at least off that album

thats me in the corner
thats me in the spot
losing my vagina

because as i said, quite ironically, freedom is to let people decide their own freedom, which in some ways can be contradictory to your own. but outside of letting people decide their own freedom, there isn't a lot more inherent to freedom (at least that comes to mind)

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my ideal of freedom is just a huge belief to me and i think it should be for people who don't subscribe to ideologies inherent to serving such as calvinism. thats not to dissuade anyone who's ideal of freedom is to serve or anything that doesn't align with my ideal of freedom

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