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Alien sex?

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some of y'all might be wondering why i'm on jorts now. i made a bunch of mistakes the entire time i've been on masto but recently there was one that was sort of a turning point for introspection. i can act extremely rash and accidentally hurt people and i never really noticed it til a bunch of wake up calls. it is never my intention to hurt anyone, if any of y'all know me, i love nothing more than to make friends. but its in that pursuit for friendship that i screwed up many times and (1/?)

kinda wanna stream mario galaxy but also cbf hooking it up

im tempted to contact someone from high school but reaching out is hard

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its like peak hours of my friends being unavailable but i want to chat it up with a pal rn

go on then tell me. who said the soft racism thing

god fucking damn it my area has two new covid cases

im just giving u the punchline on this one ur gonna have to think of the setup urself

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