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some people might say my life is in a rut
i'm quite happy with what i've got
people might say that i should strive for more
but i'm so happy i can't see the point

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the following thread is a list of hashtags you can follow to see specific posts of mine. check them out

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some of y'all might be wondering why i'm on jorts now. i made a bunch of mistakes the entire time i've been on masto but recently there was one that was sort of a turning point for introspection. i can act extremely rash and accidentally hurt people and i never really noticed it til a bunch of wake up calls. it is never my intention to hurt anyone, if any of y'all know me, i love nothing more than to make friends. but its in that pursuit for friendship that i screwed up many times and (1/?)

i think my cat thought the rice in the packet was for her

hey everyone

i'm sorry to have to do this again, but i have rent due on the 1st and i don't have another choice. My husband recently started college and I had a position change at work, so our last paychecks of the month are way smaller than usual

we need $95 for rent due on the 1st

i can repay if needed!! please dm me or put in your notes that you would like me to pay you back, repayment may take a few weeks to a month or so

please help out my little queer family if you can


cashapp: $InstantPoodle

venmo: InstantPoodle

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transcrowdfund

i'm not disputing 16 being an immoral age of consent im just confused why it seems everyone acts like its 18 when in theory its 16 in most of the country

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the age of consent in a majority of states in america (34) is 16
how come people always act like its 18, is it just 18 in the most populous states (texas, nyc, california, florida etc)

im sure theres probably something to be said about how terrible idol culture is in asian countries and is perpetuated by the like corps they're signed to and how some corners of stan culture only help to perpetuate that

i want you still
i want you still
i want you still i hate you but
i want you still

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like i'm not saying "they are both women rapping so they are the same!" but like. i'm assuming kilo was popular first and while there are differences the flows are pretty similar

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so. i had no idea kilo kish has been singing as long as she has and kitty pryde interpolates a song of hers in this song so i listened to the original and. was kitty just ripping off kilo kish this whole time

and ik theres no uniform way of experiencing things i just dont see why youd mute a rando as opposed to block lol

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like at least imo thats how i see those two options. mute for ppl who are acquaintances you don't really want to see posts of anymore/temporarily hide someone's accounts, block for someone you're not familiar with (or someone who you are/were but did something effed up) but do not want to see

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if you're not following someone/they're not following you i don't personally understand why you'd mute instead of blocking them lmao

is anyone aware of a website where you can compare game prices for multiple game stores (psn/nintendo e shop/steam etc) for the same games?

breaking bad rewatch liveblog - 5x8 

oh those last two were for 5x8 oops

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breaking bad rewatch liveblog - 5x7 

i wonder if the show really peaked it popularity around here because if not for that i feel like they wouldn't have inserted a flashback, the context is enough without it lmao

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