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i kind of panic most days that i dont get enough stuff done. because i have a lot of hobbies and there are times where i go long stretches without attending them. but i really need to learn to love and go with the flow. as long as i work out, my main goal every day, i should be able to just chill the fuck out and do what i like and enjoy it

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Pockets on Shrek
Rockets on deck
Tell me what's next
Alien sex?

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some of y'all might be wondering why i'm on jorts now. i made a bunch of mistakes the entire time i've been on masto but recently there was one that was sort of a turning point for introspection. i can act extremely rash and accidentally hurt people and i never really noticed it til a bunch of wake up calls. it is never my intention to hurt anyone, if any of y'all know me, i love nothing more than to make friends. but its in that pursuit for friendship that i screwed up many times and (1/?)

We used to have Margaret Hicks, John Semple Dick, and Waldemar August Foss. Now we have no hicks, no dick, and no foss!

i should go to bed but i dont want to go to bed emptyhanded and salty

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i swera tofu cking god i doubt my brother took it but theres a chance he did and if he did

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and no ones fucking around to help me. where thfuck is it

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seriously fucking pissed off ive lost my phone where the fuck is it

i've been waiting for young justice all week and now that its out im not in the mood to watch

asking for help buying an SSD for video editing, boosts appreciated :boost_ok: 


i have been amazingly gifted a used thinkpad T470s for the holidays! it came with a 250 gig SSD. i put manjaro on it and am learning how to use kdenlive. i'm in a far better position now as a video editor -- i have much better hardware, and i'm no longer using 2014 sony vegas

there's only one issue: the SSD is filling up, fast. i don't feel comfortable taking video editing commissions until i have more space to store videos, because it would be really awkward to get one then realize i don't have the space for everything and have to stall til i can ask for help getting one

i'm asking for $140 to buy a one terabyte external SSD ($120 for the drive, $20-ish for taxes)

after that i can start taking commissions on the new laptop and hopefully won't have to ask for help as much!




thank you for all you've done for me, fediverse!

it really is awesome to me how fluid my workout is. my jog is first, and because its the first thing after waking up sometimes i can't be bothered but it only takes like 10 minutes. then the first part of my workout all bleed together and i use that momentum to finish off with planks and squats. ive proclaimed my happiness and will continue to do so cos its just so awesome

idk if any of u know this but free players cant queue right now. the game doesnt let them

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