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the following thread is a list of hashtags you can follow to see specific posts of mine. check them out

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Pockets on Shrek
Rockets on deck
Tell me what's next
Alien sex?

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some of y'all might be wondering why i'm on jorts now. i made a bunch of mistakes the entire time i've been on masto but recently there was one that was sort of a turning point for introspection. i can act extremely rash and accidentally hurt people and i never really noticed it til a bunch of wake up calls. it is never my intention to hurt anyone, if any of y'all know me, i love nothing more than to make friends. but its in that pursuit for friendship that i screwed up many times and (1/?)

its really amazing how it has a distinct 00s sound the way duran duran has a 80s sound

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listening to the fame for the first time. i might already have to rate this a tentative 4 stars out of 5 just for the first 4 tracks and i haven't even heard them in succession, its just. i know all these songs. theyre iconic. howd she do that.

just so you know

no revolution in history occurred because the majority of the population rose up in rebellion against the powers that be

every successful revolution was led by a core cadre of motivated people, who recruited a large group of people to join them, but still by no means anywhere close to the majority of the population

what am I getting at?

the fact is, a successful revolution does not require everyone in your society to be sold out ideologically to your cause

hence reeducation

it looks like the second our life visual novel doesn't have a non binary main character option? thats kind of stupid


so there was a practice in britain known as 'fagging' which had nothing to do with being gay
there's a companion in the doctor who audios who was a 'fag' in that context and i was like oh they're not just saying he's gay in a weird way
but no
this character, who does something called 'fagging', which isn't related to being gay, IS gay. that's a decision they decided to do.

i hate that mum was right about wrestling just being a special interest phase. i really dont give that much of a fuck about it right now unless its the best

whats the bigger red flag

begpost, boost please 

im on unpaid medical leave, coping with ptsd from trauma i sustained on the job and continued abuse and exploitation from my employer

trying to keep a roof over my polycule's heads without taking on a ton of debt while i move onto the next chapter of my life as best i can. any amount is appreciated - it'll be going towards rent, food, debt, and moving a partner out of a bad situation out of state

with love and thanks,
-eri, alice, lily, and jm

marvel has resorted to killing my family members to boost sales

i couldve sworn kim played revelations at coachella? but i cant find it on youtube

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