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repeating "I haven't learned shit and I'm dumb as shit and I don't give a shit" in my head like a slightly off-kilter mantra of affirmation

some of y'all have NO clue how teachers live and it shows

that gif where abe simpson walks into a room, hangs his hat, sees bart, turns around, picks it back up and leaves but it's me seeing teacher discourse

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trying to play super smash bros. ultimate with an NES Advantage gamepad and getting my entire ass served to me on a plate

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"hey cutie want some fun?" "sure, what's your main?"
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life is about one thing and one thing only: finding good people who enrich your life by their presence and doing your best to enrich theirs in return

here is a list of fediverse users I think are cute and here is a second copy of that list in case you throw it in the garbage

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I'M pretty and nice and funny once in a while, but nobody asks ME for feet pics

youtube poop still fucking rules in 2019. that's just how it is

if you have a crush on me you have to tell me or else it's entrapment

kinda can't decide if I want to live here or go back to my old hometown of pound off in the comments below if you give a shit for some godforsaken reason

it's gonna be real funny when I finally meet up with this person I've had a thing going with for the last couple months or so and suck her dick and then tell her I've never sucked a dick before

if you stare into the abyss for long enough, the abyss will start to stare back, and then it will start to notice just how pretty your eyes are. that is my hope, anyway.

all these folks on tinder, always wanting to "nut". back in my day we would be satisfied with a "doughnut"

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