I’ve had a rough week, tech wise, and I’ve got a hair trigger for this shit.

Now I’m the dipshit because apparently SO separates comments from “answers”. But I don’t have enough reputation to comment so I didn’t see the box.

What in the sam hell is this malarkey? Don’t ask for *clarification*? Have you seen how poorly worded technical questions can be? Asking for clarification is a *critical* skill. Fucking STEM jerk offs I swear to god.

anyone who claims to care about human rights but doesn't want macron shot is a hypocrite and a coward

i wonder what the answer will be...fingers crossed folks!

Absolutely astounding that you can just go get a dog and it will be your best friend for over a decade. It’s like $50. Incredible value.

Either way, I’m not paying. I was a returning patient and when I asked if they had my insurance info they said “we have everything right here.”

What are they gonna do, report me? Credit isn’t real. I do not give a shit.

A cool thing that happened. I went to the Urgent Care for pink eye last week. I have insurance and paid the copay. Today I got a bill for the full remainder, saying that the bill wasn’t paid.

My insurance said that the facility was no longer eligible. Yet the UC took a co pay and said everything was fine.

They knew they were no longer participating, but they didn’t say it so I would be on the hook for the balance. Someone is fucking with me and I don’t appreciate it.

Going to start replying to year-old threads I like with just the word "bump" like it's a message board from 2008

Let The Right One In is one of my favorite books ever but I have not been able to finish another one of John Lindqvist’s books.

I’ve discovered religion*

*stress eating pretzel m&ms and drinking spiced rooibos chai at 3am.

I don’t actually like being this irrationally angry over nothing. I wonder if there are any world views that try to tackle this aspect of human behavior.

This would be like if your car got a scratch in the paint and you just had to have it towed to the junkyard.

I know this is a real boo hoo moment but holy shit the ratio of what broke to the effect it had is going to drive me insane.

The spring peg on my fitbit strap broke off in the watch and now I guess I have to throw the watch into the garbage. Because a $0.000001 part broke.

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