The best part of Wab Kinew’s win in #Manitoba beyond renewing hope for a province, is the elation of young Indigenous people. My tiktok is full of Indigenous people celebrating who see themselves reflected, not only in high office but in charge. I hope they are inspired to get involved.

This is a test of the jorts emergency preparedness alarm 🚨

sorry, I'm not a sports guy. What league do the Arizona Unisex Sandals play in again?

having period products in the men's room is a great first step, but we need to have a conversation about also having hot wheels cars in the women's room

Things are getting funny on the other site. Like, what the hell did I just read?

"any engagement with texts that isn't an erotic relation"

I'm like, sir, has the papercut on your dick still not healed from when you tried to fuck the books? Is that what's going on here?


How minute are these fifteen cities? Are they visible to the naked eye?

praying that Grimes can one day be reunited with her three beautiful children, TurboGrafix-16, Nickelodeon Gak and 8008135 🙏🏻

sites where normal people talk to each other are social media, sites where people talk at celebrities and try to get famous are parasocial media

who does god pray to
does god pray to god or is god a fuckin ath*ist

AI nonsense, bluesky screenshot, mild lewd, cartoon guns, uhh 

@outie mickey emerging from his well to shame mankind

I thought I had seen all the good flat earth memes by now but this one is a masterpiece of the form

happy october, the traditional time when we gather round the jorts pumpkin patch and forget to renew the domain

I have eaten
the honor
that was in
this place

and the esteemed deeds
you were probably

forgive me
they were a message
a system of messages
and so important

Hope this isn't news to anyone here, but there are clearly a lot in our country who are struggling to understand this.

"Preventing trans kids from learning about trans people is just another form of conversion therapy since it confines their understanding of who they are within the bounds of a cis identity."

Every day i ask my cat 'whos a big poncho boncho' at least two hundred times and we still are not any closer to getting an answer @tuesday

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