still thinking about the main page of reddit yesterday

reddit when a massive cruise ship dumps 30,000 gallons of raw sewage into the ocean every day: absolute unit!

reddit when China houses 30,000 people in a single apartment building: terrifying!

@sluttymayo seven FBI agents looking tough around a folding table that holds a raspberry pi , a router, and some hard drives full of playstation ISOs

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a fun way to make terfs very upset and confused is to reply to them saying that a trans woman should not be allowed in women's prisons by saying that no one should be in prisons

ny times: this article is behind a paywall
me: [disables javascript]
ny times: here is the article

i love the modern internet

I was trying to add a reminder to my calendar to "leave early" and I messed up typing and it autocorrected to "leave eerily" so... I think I'll just do that instead

“How the fuck can there be anti vaccine “witches?” If you disagree with binding an invisible malignant entity into a single drop of potion that seals a subject’s blood against the full force of that very same entity’s curse then you are not and can never be a witch you’re just a karen who buys rocks”
#witch #witchcraft #science #karen #antivax

Watching "The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse" by Folding Ideas/Dan Olson.

This is so much worse than I could have imagined.

I’m surprised the enormous demonstrations in Tel Aviv not getting more coverage, but then again it’s pushed down the news list in a lot of organisations because it’s a demonstration against an extreme right wing government.


It's so funny to see tech people who are heavily invested, both financially and emotionally, in AI be surprised that everyone normal fucking hates this shit, just, like. You've spent the last ten years making everything suck more and now you've figured out a new way to make it suck WAY more EXTREMELY quickly, why wouldnt we hate that??? What is the fucking upside for everyone else??

It will never not be weird to me that driving up unemployment is seen as a completely acceptable way to control inflation.

It will never not be weird to me that wages growing faster than inflation is seen as a dangerous crisis requiring immediate intervention.

It will never not be weird to me that nurse wages rising fast due to a nursing shortage, prompts the government to consider capping nurse wages, but not to consider immigration changes, or making more nurses, or letting wages rise.





Long ago, the four bed-and-breakfasts lived in harmony

Everything changed when the Firebnb attacked

Witness a horse in all its bejortsed splendor and you are witnessing God. Peace be with you

This is what an ideal Germany looks like. You may not like it, but this is what peak Teutonic performance looks like

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The duality of man: the desire to not let Facebook's algorithms know anything about me versus the desire to not see any Harry Potter fandom bullshit suggested to me

The World is a Beautiful Place And Yet This Has Not Affected My Fear of Death

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