An undead mafioso with an insatiable hunger for cured meats is a gabaghoul

"I'm going to go and make some beef stew" - appreciation, good cheer

"I'm going to go and beef us some stew" - protestations, uproar, the cats hiss when they see me

*listens to the song for a seventh time*

"oh... so THAT's the Jingle Bell Rock!"

For the first time in a month I missed Birdsite people more than I dreaded the thought of going there. Still didn't go. I'll look at it again in the new year

I'm not strong enough to hold that much pain. My being there won't make anything better for anyone. It's cowardly of me to retreat but I never claimed to be brave.

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Finding myself disengaging from everywhere. Took two weeks off mainstream social media before the election. Meant the result didn't hurt as much as it wasn't a surprise and wasn't drawn out. But now I have no desire to go back. It will all be infighting as far as the eye can see. Why would I want that?

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For 30 years I've been hearing conservative Democrats claim that only they understand what wins elections, and for 30 years I've been watching Republicans win a majority of elections at every level of our government, from school board to president.

It's such a goddamned joke.

Twisting My Sobriety by Sade but it's to the tune of Twistin' The Night Away by Sam Cooke

so I was off the dot horse for a while. Did That Won't Do make it here?

Selfie, eye contact 

Dramatic Beard Lighting

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