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hey @Gargron i know theres no sponsored posts or whatever but can i slide you a cheeky 50 under the table i made a good joke and think i should be allowed to pay to force everyone to see it

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Facts about #GuildWars2

Maximum number of character slots (excluding weird edge cases like being at max character slots before getting a free one): 69

Maximum guild level: 69

Magically Infused Tuna level: 69

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@bewitchyourmind @citrustwee @Ophillous a tall girl kicking your ass is hot, but also, a short girl kicking your ass is hot. i am beginning to think that maybe getting your ass kicked by a girl is hot....

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The #dirtTour is just how i pass the time while i scroll through old posts looking for pictures of @muppetbutler's dogs

burying an egg and a crocodile sprouts from the ground

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every Hufflepuff ate ass.

not a single gryffindor ever got close except maybe ron by accident

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