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I sit on my chair, tired. files littering my desk. the chief comes over with a coffee, worried. "you should just drop this, morgan" he says. "cases go cold for a reason. they're gone". I take the coffee and down half of it in a single gulp. "no". I take a file, pin it to my corkboard. "i'll find them". dozens of strings and pictures and articles are pinned across my corkboard. in the middle, written in bright red marker, an equation, and my objective: "Find X"

everyone I know is slowly but surely turning into a furry, whilst I remain an unchanging furless being

WE ARE SEX BOB OMB into the grievous depths it came out

big fan of aliens. If they're out there, we're pretty sure.

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@​citrustwee@​ how tall are you a cop

Sonic T. Hedgehog Esquire, also known as "Sonic Tiberius Hedgehog"

me, firing a gun at the sun: fuck off you bright bastard!!!!

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Unstoppable shitposting engine.