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video, eye contact, metal gear solid spoilers 

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colonel: watch out snake, the night crew roams the timeline at these hours

snake: night crew, huh

otacon: the "night crew" is a group of posters who roam the night posting the most cursed toots, yet some believe they are the lifeblood of the fediverse. take care, snake

mei ling: hell is empty and all the devils are here

master miller: wouldnt it be fucked up if i was ur brother

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this is john. he's the chosen one. he lives in an apartment with carey, another chosen one. across the hall lives an old lesbian couple: they're also chosen ones. welcome to The Chosen Many, a new sitcom featuring romance, cats, prophetic dreams, abuse of coffee and, of course, lots of laughs

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Florence comes on.
My God.

And they had started up with June, and I saw her, on stage, and she was singing out to heaven, I swear.

Her arms were outstretched, she was so at peace with herself and everything, just so free.

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the way the sunlight looks in August at 7PM when you stand east of the mountains and look west

[smugly] you know, I'm kind of a big deal on the Fediverse

my date: the what

ah, back on jorts horse. like setsuna piloting the gundam exia after a whole season on the 00

Twitter, white women. 

i'll shoplift your organs from your fucking body

you could translate "despacito" as "unsteppy", if you were very good at being bad at spanish. or if you were evil


ive said many times before: ill download minecraft if it has controller support

cosplay selfie ec boosts good 

hey im not doing mass dms or importing my follow list but like, i have an account in myasstodon now. its @ItsMorgan

i got like 1/8th of my followers from jorts horse so i assume the other 7/8ths were dead accounts and bots

lewd? violence 

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