Straight people, what are you even doing here? Why don’t you go have procreative sex or something?

This Website shows that there’s no community that queer people can make that straight people won’t show up and ruin.

I feel a lot of hostility on this Website tonight and I don't know why.

"Oh look, The Re-Animator." -- My Wife Watching Deep Space Nine, Every Single Time

Every year there is an article that says Jack The Ripper Solved and another one that says Amelia Earhart Found and then halfway through the article it explains that nothing is actually solved or found because it's just some minor piece of evidence that they've knowingly overblown to make you click the headline and no wonder people flock to the idea of Fake News.

Banana bread is taking something good (bread) and adding something bad (bananas) to make something worse (banana bread). This interview is over.

Tom Savini as Tommy Wisseau''s Shambling Corpse in The Room 2.

I knew a girl in college who was almost stereotypically into "social justice": very opinionated and outspoken, vegetarian, really good at yoga. See her in your mind. You know her.

The moment she graduated she went to work for Goldman Sachs in New York City. I think about that all the goddamn time.

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