growing up as an autistic kid with lesbian parents meant i missed a lot of specifically heteronormative social cues. the second funniest example of this is that i assumed bonnie and clyde were lesbians because those both sounded like girl’s names to me

fallen london is just bionicles without the collectible toys

[in perfect ‘ah, “moving to melbourne” are ya’ voice] ah, “cleverly reimagining the tarot card The Lovers as a visibly mtf4ftm couple” are ya

always extremely good how the dishonored leads were all “oh its not a morality system, its Chaos” and then it works exactly like infamous or kotor or bioshock or etc etc etc, “ahahahaha, but you see, many of the “good” ways of disposing of your targets are just as malicious if not worse than the “bad” ways,” cackles the libertarian grandma from the star wars game

if midi is so good then why isn't there a midi two. anyone done this one yet. is this anything

breaking bad but it's a magical girl show. heisenberg is walter whites magical girl persona. jesse is an astrology lesbian. all other facets of the show are unchanged. i am currently in an intense amount of emotional and psychosomatically physical pain

the MUSIC MAKER has LOGGED ON and its TIME for you to GIVE HER some ATTENTION

the music maker has logged on and folk's its time for you to give her attention

i don't quite understand the common description of "gender euphoria" but sometimes i'll look in the mirror after taking a shower and give my boobs a respectful nod and i think that's my equivalent

[rocking up 2 months late to the now-condemned location of a party i didn’t RSVP to, talking to piles of rubble & exposed concrete walls] so how about this You Were Never Really Here flick eh

apocalypse, hopelessness 



when two songs are in wildly different genres & can't be harmonically mixed but there is some unquantifiable aesthetic similarity to them...... then my friend you have discovered a "wine and cheese pairing", of song's

csa, drug mention 

nevada often gets called "trans girl fight club" by people on here & tbh yeah but the bad interpretation of fight club makes u an MRA while the bad interpretation of nevada just helps closeted trans women come out

havent played it yet but from what i understand, “what if you became director of the SCP foundation but the vibes were off” is a remarkably accurate description of the plot of control

when u think about it david walsh is the ultimate wife guy.....................

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