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pahohng nghee augh u aooh hurr furrr

production of hamilton where the cast has just eaten a peanut butter sandwich whole

ill periodically get promoted articles about saving money on streaming services with "this one hack" and it's never "do crime" frankly i am offended by how hacking has been appropriated

finally getting this nice!nano keyboard closer to up and running right but i still think zmk is incredibly annoying. reckon i may officially be a c curmudgeon

This man has not gained the attention of the prophets or the Q, yet he is visited by unimaginable horrors regularly by gods more powerful and sublime than either, tempering him in a forge of pure terror and making him the galaxy's strongest man

rode my bike many miles and came home and hit vape and drank beers and now im a genius. Anyway what if we had a movie where big emotional moments are not only accompanied by orchestral swells but also video glitching.

sat down to watch a cool documentary on fungus and wound up getting a goofy hagiography of guys who got really really high

the bad news is we keep living through major historical events the good news is there may not be many more of them

peter you don't need to be a rich man to biddy biddy bum. Look at my cousin, he's broke he ya ba dibba dibba dibba dibba dum

I will henceforth refer to the hack writing practice of suggesting established character development and narrative history without ever demonstrating it as "tag team, back again." I made that decision after making that previous post.

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"Tag team, back again" invokes in the listener a sense of lore and history which does not exist, but which nonetheless draws in the listener with a prospect of established yet unknown worlds to discover.

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