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The effect was such that no one knew when they were being surveilled, so they surveilled themselves

i swear to fuck if i have to hear baby its cold outside discourse this year im going to be ineffectually unhappy about it

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You don’t need to read Barthes to take something from art that was not intended

In my latest column for New Scientist, I talk about the emerging field of trust and safety, and why it's crucial to the future of our digital public sphere ... and yet is consistently overlooked or undervalued. You can read the article for free -- you just need to sign up for a free account.

The cyber truck has enough space for your unicycle or tiny little tricycle, and a nice fold down mirror for applying your clown makeup

If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to why don’t you go where fashion sits

i cant get my head around basic modeling in either freecad or blender

this came up on the big shuffle and it reminded me of that time i was dancin to this with my eyes closed and when i opened my eyes id been thrown out of the club cuz thats how we danced back then

I made a mixtape!

A MEGAMIX (circa 100 tracks in 53 minutes) of great 70s/80s Japanese disco, funk, fusion, j-acht rock and cheeeeeese. File under #CityPop

(Big up to Trevor Jackson, whose "Playgroup Party Mix Volume 1" from way back in the day was a big inspiration for this.)

#Mixcloud #CityPop #Japanfunk #70s #80s #Mixtape #Saxophonez #WackaWacka #SlapDatBass #Cheeeeese #Disco #Funk #Japan

"The Cure is simple," says the Doctor

"But Doctor" says Robert Smith,

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