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me in my 20s: dont' worry about it it's fine i appreciate the effort

me in my 30s: do you think this is a game

whew boy oh boy nothing has made me as ruthlessly unsympathetic and impatient to dads quite like being a single dad

if youve got a Dad Who Tries, and is like whoops i messed it up again, well, this is part of the learning process, bear in mind that people learn how to be doctors in eight years

how long has your dad been Trying

so i was hangin with coworks on friday night and it was, you know, regular,

then the next day the guy hosting it texts me apologizing on behalf of the other cowork who was makin a bunch of jokes about vegans, and i was like whatever i've got a thick rind

and then i was thinkin: you'd be cooler if you'd said something to him instead of me

and he's drinking some gravy
and still in the navy
and probably will be for life

it's been a hell of a thing as my dad gets old and stgarts winding down and knowing that the Dad Trying would definitively and conclusively never amount to much

for father's day i got my daughter a zelda game. i don't know how things work

bullshitting wiht my daughter and mention that "Mumen Rider" is a play on "Kamen Rider" and translates to "Licenseless Rider" and she says "Ah so he's the hero to cis people who can't commit arson" and I stared

oatmeal chat

1 cup steel cut oats

2 cup unsweetened coconut milk

a chopped apple or sliced banana or both whatever

wee li'l bit of salt

some cinnamon

bring to a boil and lower to a simmer, stir occasionally, 20 minutes

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