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when i see a car ad boasting about the car's entertainment system i am revulsed. you should be in a state of white-knuckled terror whenever you operate a motor vehicle, for safety.

no memory of this & no idea what i was thinking, i have got to get better about bedtime

grocery store had vegan tamales hot for the first time in seems like a year or more. i went hog wild on em

@disco_socialist its for their selfs, they can be the cool cucumber in a world of screaming lunatics, idk people spin up all types of wild stories in their heads to cope

it is funny to me when youll have a sci fi show where someone commandeers an alien craft and figures out how to use it given that if someone sat down to my computer it would be impossible for them to figure out how to use it

last christmas
i ripped a big fart
the very next day
the cat ran away

one quirk of the rpi thread is a white man posting screeds about how cop disrespectors are friggin white men playing life on easy mode

I wonder if “this is not containable if the US continues to pretend nothing is happening” factors into china easing covid restrictions

It’s funny to me when people call policing a “thankless job” when any time someone doesnt thank a cop for their service they get so sad it makes the news

If someone calls claiming to be from your financial institution - even if they sound very much like what you'd expect from a bank and say that it's an urgent matter - ask them for a case reference number and tell them you'll call them back at the 1-800 number on the bank's website.

The fraudsters are really out in force at the moment.

#fraud #financialcrimes #bankfraud #personalsecurity #finance #selfprotection

so was anyone going to tell me that the official duolingo account posted official art of the owl taking a shit or was i supposed to find that out by following an innocuous link

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