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trying to make dinner but yaeji came up on the shuffle and i'm fucked

linguists are recognizing rules of texting and posting emerge as linguists do (prescriptivism is a dump)

so its formally recognized that all-lowercase unpunctuated speech is familiar

and Sometimes things are capitalized for Some Reason

and ending a sentence in a period sounds angry.

What about when you end it after a beat with a standalone exclamation point? Input appreciated

thanks !

i think i was called "less masculine lex luthor" by that kiddie youtube guy who defecated on his bro

my favorite marble hero is lunella lafayette and evidence of being the smartest person in the MCU is: her supersuit is PPE

this movie is good as fuck and like so much better on second viewing even

me, at bedtime: i'm going to just gonna take a peek at this here copy of spiderverse i downloaded quick just to see how this copy looks

me, one entire movie later: oh noooooooooo my bedtime

fiddlesticks. the audio of the first minute of spider-verse just gave me a bonoar

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coffee machine at work was removed, i've been getting fucked up on pamp all day

you know how when you get older such questions as "what is your favorite band" become less meaningful because we come to understand that our tastes are flexible and preferences change with our moods? Not me. it's Buffalo Daughter.

i can already feel my brain get absolutely fucked. really looking forward to the next 623 days

for some reason stuck in my head right now is



fuckin around and donating to a presidential campaign like a dipshit motherfuck

blobfish look normal and handsome under water. okay chuckle fuck let's see how good you look in the vacuum of space

on the one hand hating popular culture doesn't make you interesting

on the other hand hating aaron sorkin makes you relatable

trying to imagine feeling stressed at figuring out someone's gender to know whether it's okay to be attracted to them or not

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