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thinkin bout when people were excited at the release of a portable mp3 player capable of holding 32Mb of mp3s

watched Kairo with my daughter and the next day mentioned how i had spooky ghost dreams because of that movie and she was like which movie? oh right, 'hell is full bitch'

my li'l is looking at this and reading it as "IT FOLLOWS YOU" and was like oh no i have to have sex before the satanic trash can gets me

when i lived out in maine there was like one chinese restaurant and they ran an ad which opened with a voice-over "the chopstick lesson, part 2" and it was 30 seconds of two little kids just eating some food in a messy grabby kid way

at the time it sort of faded into the general noise of everything but it just burbled up from my memory just now and imo it was genius

sometimes i remember when i had a car and was like god damn how could anybody live like this

me: do your school friends or onlines talk about carly rae jepsen

daughter: nope not really

me: huh must just be a communist thing

i'm really fucked up on anxiety right now but god damn do i love house music

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Horses can wear jorts too. [[THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS]]