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Really, no music written and performed by women could crack the top 166

ok futurefunk has had a real good time with city pop but where's the shibuya kei renaissance

so uh supernatural has been running for about 1/4 as long as days of our lives

on bird:

ugh only 100 shares dangit i'll never make it big

in the jorts:

wow 8 likes i'm a wild star

can you check in the back

can you see if you have any more coochie elf in the back

cowork says he just loves exploring ideas and doesn't let go and has so much energy

but he doesn't, really, he loves dissembling until people get tired of his refusal to actually engage anything

retoot to support this hardworking single mom

some lincoln park trixie lookin SUV hit me with its rear view mirror this morning in order too... what exactly. hurry up and wait behind the traffic backed up? I guess?

I wish i was a little bit shorter
I wish i had some porter
I wish i had a wood burning artisanal pizza oven made of brick and morter

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Aw man someone on this train just gave me helluva smirk. I think she saw me getting wood while texting

squares: what are you rebelling against??
brando: whaddya got
squares: white supremacist capitalist patriarchy?
brando: no not that
squares: whew

i was gonna suss out more old person bits to post here but i threw my knee out this morning taking a shit

on reflection the more they destroy everything that was ever kind of interesting about the Joker the more i think maybe he was never really all that interesting a character anyway and instead it is mark hamill who owns

"why don't you just stop watching gotham"

"because it's TERRRRRIBLE"

my daughter was watching some zombie show which seemed to have a straightforward premise: there's one dude with a zombie immunity and they have to get him to science guys

then they bring in some psychic stuff

and then they apparently involve aliens

and she's like what the hell

and i'm like so all those years you made fun of me for watching shows that i keep saying are terrible, now you know

now you're Grown

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