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villagers walking in when the monster is chilling with the blind dude smoking and drinking and getting some tunes on and they flip their shit and the cabin burns down: shoulda done a vibe check

Class action suit and OSHA fines for General Mills following "Oops! All Barry!"

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"Woke" originates as a AAVE term used in earnest in reference to being conscious of ways white supremacy enforces and reproduces itself in policing of language, media image and dominant culture, as you may see elucidated in Frantz Fanon's writings and others

so like, when people are saying "it's not 'woke culture' it's just being conscientious of the so and so" there's a factor distinct from "PC" of taking language marginalized people used among themselves and ceding it to the reactionaries

reactionary whinging over 'woke culture' is obviously rebranding the same complaining about 'political correctness' but there's an interesting difference in provenance

'politically correct' was a tongue-in-cheek term used between leftists ribbing on various disciplines, then later wielded as a cudgel by reactionaries in the early 90s in response to the madness of "maybe dial back the racism" and "gays should be allowed to exist" etc

I haven't noticed this becuase i'm not a rude-ass gawping child who doesn't know how to act in public

Eddie Murphy must still answer for saving SNL from cancellation

So apparently in the last couple weeks IL policy on changing gender marker switched from needing a doctor to sign off on it to “confirm that you feel like it”

Pritzger is honestly going wild, I’m shocked

sapiosexual eh? [ straightens enormous lapels ] maybe you just haven't met the right idiot

Rasen was not the breakout commercial success Ringu was, though, so they took a different direction narratively with Ring 2 and the rest of that series - but, the Rasen thread was picked up again years later with SADAKO 3D which as near as i can tell is bonkers, and i want to ready myself fully for it

with any luck this will not prevent me from going another night without sleep. I am banking on last night's scary ghost-induced insomnia making me too exhausted to happen again.

Anyway - tonight i'm going to address a grave oversight and watch Rasen, the original sequel to Ringu which was shot and released concurrently with Ringu, and an adaptation of the novel that was the sequel to the novel Ringu was adapted from

Anyway. Last night I finally got around to watching Sadako vs Kayako. It was fun! It had that good claustrophobic omnipresent dread and bonkers shock-horror that makes Ringu and Ju-On work so well.

The downside was that I'd wished they'd picked up more cues from kaiju eiga and made the actual titular fight more than like, one minute long, but while it was happening I was like woo! Haha! Yeah yeah yeah! And then I did NOT sleep at all because I was afraid of scary ghosts.

like, exactly this, it's wild to watch. They just slathered visual and auditory noise all over it like so much mayonnaise

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