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Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat. Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony. That all changed when

Someone ported Impulse Tracker to linux and I got all thrilled about getting into laying down patterns like in the old days and folks, this is not a place of honor

Im really into how so many of the foundational 19th century tales of horror hinged upon one twist: this guy.... is not... a regular guy!!

Lmao i know police procedural is the most established tv formula but i did not expect them to slap that on Snowpiercer

I like how "chortle" entered the english language from Jabberwocky and, using its understood meaning, is from a passage where a father learns his son is not dead as he feared, but victorious and home again, goes in for a hug, and is like "haha *snort* classic"

God i havent been to the gym in so long i dont even know if i could still leg press all the weight they have

Yes I’m an animal man
Yes I’m a vegetable man
Yes I’m a mineral man
We exist, deal with it

I went and watched The Grudge (2020), spoilers i guess? 

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