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Unpopular Opinion Advanced Challenge, I'm going to name ten things lots of people don't like that I do

1. Street Fighter The Motion Picture
2. Star Trek 3 the Search for Spock
3. Eiffel 65's Breakout "I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee)"
4. Sandanistas
5. First 2 seasons of TNG
6. Johnny Mnemonic
7. Malört
8. Nicolas Maduro
9. Vegetables
10. Third floor walk-ups

i legit like a few operas but i feel like putting "opera" in a online profile is too Lookin Like That Guy, You Know The Guy

Every morning I open palm slam a book into my face. It's the communist manifesto and right then and there i start doing the moves alongside with the main character, workers of the world. and ive learned all the lines and ive learned how to make my apartment less lonely by shouting em all. 2 hours including winddown every morning

Getting fat as hell. Who wants to lay down on a human mattress

Quarantine report: I am almost through my 32oz bottle of louisiana hot sauce. how am i gonna make mild sauce now

The Generation Gap

my teen: bernie sanders get on twitch

me: this is bernie's twitch stream

my teen: bernie sanders pog

me: i uh.. don't think he's a pawg

my teen: what do you mean

me: what do YOU mean

Greatest moment in this film. They couldn't board the airplane mid-flight or something, they didn't arrest him at the airport, they let him board, somehow snuck in so they were sitting behind him, waited for it to take off, and waited for him to ask for a pillow

Absolutely iconic shot. Should be taught in any film study class.

i've got ops brain and i'm playing a game DMed by a dev and i'm grinding my teeth to nubs over the "install a million things and set up a million accounts" approach to coordinating things


if you refuse to pay your rent because you "organized" with people on the internet, your landlord will just laugh and evict you

as many people as possible under a single landlord have to strike at the same time in order for the strike to be effective at all. plus, you need a plan, some kind of idea of what legal muscle you need to be able to summon when the landlord fights back, and an idea of how you'll deal with the inevitable blowback, because there WILL be blowback

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