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fuuuuck yes a friend of mine has an extra ticket to see maseo spin this weekend

Out dancing

Woman comes up on me, we dance very fresh and lewd

Her; my brother’s gay!

Me: 😐

Her: i wish my bf could do this

Me: 😐

Her: he’s so heterosexual

Me: 🤔😮

My neice today: But I don’t like taco bell

[ eats nine tacos ]

I like taco bell

I get totally checked out on railroaded d&d games

Like when im running a gig and you want to try some wild shit then okay, roll for that. You want to bluff a ghost? Roll against my ghost’s insight

2010 me "maybe i don't have to accept being treated like shit"

2020 me "turns out i do"

2022 star wars 9 comes out, it opens with Rey waking up with a start and talking about a weird dream she just had

Rose: was this a vision or prophecy

Rey: No.

shout out to 105.5FM lumpen radio chicago

one cool thing about this is a: they play good ass music and b: when you turn on the radio, nobody else in the world knows you've tuned in. take that streaming services

vape flavors that are not some willy wonka bullshit are harder to find

so like, now "mint" is too exotic or something

[ makes a slice of rye smooch a slice of sourdough ]


all the starwarse really has me vibing on how the Expanse has any idea what they want to do whatsoever

broke: die hard is a christmas movie

bespoke: saw is a home alone sequel

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