what really gets me about this is i think anyone whose brain is not broken in a particular way will see nothing strange about this image whatsoever

and then the rest of us see exactly one thing like we've been waiting for it

@vegetablegremlin I don't know what a goth clown looks like and i would like to keep it that way

@vegetablegremlin Wait... is this a GIF? I swear it sayd CLOWN GOTHS ONLY at first... Then it switched.


googled "goth clown gif" and yep, going straight into my nightmares

It says "Goth Clowns Only" and I won't be told otherwise.

@balrogboogie @vegetablegremlin I also read it as that. Is all of the fediverse community broken in this way? (or should I say, correct?)

@vegetablegremlin it too me a moment to realize it didn't say goth clowns only. My brain really wanted it to say that.

@vegetablegremlin Dammit! I didn't even notice it said "cloth gowns" until I opened the thread and everyone was saying they were tricked too!

Now I will have a fitful sleep tonight dreaming of goth clowns. Thanks :blobcheeky:

@vegetablegremlin I've seen this like three times over the past day and it gets me every time, stop calling me out like this

@vegetablegremlin how the -

I realized I read the second word wrong, and then after another couple of seconds realized I read the first wrong too

@vegetablegremlin Based on other replies I seem to be an outlier?

My brain erases the 'g' entirely and I'm left trying to figure out what 'cloth clowns' are.

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