i posted this on the bad website and my favorite replies are the ones that say "it looks like somebody dragged a dead body across the floor"

my other favorite replies are all of the dudes invested in Smart being an Incredibly Real Idea

@vegetablegremlin >Implying self described "designers" are smart people

@vegetablegremlin It's unbelievable how a huge amount of smart people just spot contextless shite and think they're in the right. We're not talking about platonic Red here, we're talking about red in a hospital.

fantasy genital harm 

@trickster @vegetablegremlin maybe it's cool irl, who can tell based on a picture. maybe kids actually like it precisely because they see a blood stain after someone dragged a body there. maybe it's not.
@trickster @vegetablegremlin i don't know, i'm trying to figure out how i'd felt about it as a kid and i have no idea, but i think i'd sort of like it.

@trickster @pony @vegetablegremlin
I take your point about kids thinking this looks cool, but going by this logic a trail of realistic looking piss or turds would be an even better design.

@Shitlord lmao damn that takes me back

I knew more than a few bobbies who got on that "evolutionary pscyhology pierces the veil of the conspiracy" shit

@Shitlord one thing that's really heartwarming is watching the young people get far, far weirder than we ever were

@vegetablegremlin hi fun fact actually these smart people are not really smart
@vegetablegremlin Color theory doesn't mean you can ignore shapes and other contextual data.
This is not smart, this is very dumb.
@vegetablegremlin... wow. If it looked like exaggerated crayon those interpretations would be reasonable

@vegetablegremlin this is why I giggle every time someone brings up color theory



@vegetablegremlin Imagine being a designer and thinking that number of associations was always, in all contexts more important than the strength of those associations.

@vegetablegremlin when I see a blood-red trail painted down a hospital hallway, think "ooh, passion and leadership!"

@interneteh @vegetablegremlin I think of the strength and determination involved in dragging a body down a corridor

@dreadpirateyarr @vegetablegremlin yeah my back is out, so this is more than I could do today

@vegetablegremlin love to assume colors are in a vacuum and have no relationship with the context of its surroundings

@vegetablegremlin the word they are looking for is "context". Red can have all the different meanings and connotations, but in this context... I mean... Seriously. :)

@vegetablegremlin ah yes, the love, lust, and passion of a children's hospital visit

@vegetablegremlin Caption: "Let's store the body in here! Oh no, this won't work, quick! Down the hall!"

@jasper it turns out pretending to be a dickhead is indistinguishable from being a dickhead

@vegetablegremlin yeah, tbh kindah doubt if we should even pay any attention to it though.

I'm sure the guy who drag a dead bloody corpse do it with a lot of strength and enthousiasm and energy.

Next step: colouring bathrooms with yellow and brown puddles. Yellow is hapiness and brown is fertility. So positive.

@vegetablegremlin All smart "Well actually" people are dumb as fuck.

lets be honest is "lust" and "passion" really something you want to associate with a children's hospital?

@vegetablegremlin No, not literally any color. Brown, red, yellow ... not a good choice. Green, orange and blue, black and purple are probably the best choices.

@erm lollipop guild singing "follow, follow, follow the river of piss"

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