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remember when british journalists went into full circle the wagons / meltdown mode because a nyt podcast pointed out that they all got duped by a hoax story (which they unquestioningly printed because it was anti muslim)?

nothing to do with quote tweets, just thought it was funny to remember how useless and thin skinned the UK press is.

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save money and stay warm this winter simply by slicing a billionaire open like a tauntaun and climbing inside.

I have taken
the jorts
that were in
the horsebox

I have
the instance
who's users were shitposting

and which
you were probably
to read

Forgive me
they were too spicy
and problematic

Cock Up Your Beaver is the most disappointing Burns poem. It's about wearing a hat.

No one from the government has provided a valid reason yet why we shouldn't cook and eat the rich.

I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me!

The urge to install fedora but then be repelled by the connotations of the distro name m'lady

Knighmare reboot with Matt Berry as the dungeon master. It's not a thing but I just thought it would be cool and so now want it to be real.

g/f gets mad when I pick up the cat, jiggle her around and sing 'you're the one for me fatty'. Says I'm bodyshaming.

For the past year I've thrown myself into quiet quitting so hard that my productivity is now at around 50% of what my boss expects

just looking for clarification, since john maus and ariel pink are both chuds, are james ferraro and daniel lopatin still ok?

couldn’t make it to the trans equality rally in glasgow today but it looks mobbed so 👍👍👍

Changing desktop to light mode vs just going outside

New picture for the website! Photographed by Peter Petzka.

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