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remember when british journalists went into full circle the wagons / meltdown mode because a nyt podcast pointed out that they all got duped by a hoax story (which they unquestioningly printed because it was anti muslim)?

nothing to do with quote tweets, just thought it was funny to remember how useless and thin skinned the UK press is.

Going to leave things here for now, it's enough to trigger nostalgia without compromising too much on functionality. Next step is to backup the host os and switch from my current setup (Pop OS) to an xfce based distro. Probably more tweaking to be done, the icon theme I'm ok with but might create some custom bits and bobs, need to come up with a working terminal palate

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Fuck I need to get a job as my absentee line manager just put in their notice and will probably be replaced with some linkedin briefcase. If anyone wants a lazy as fuck data analyst who does approx 1 hours work for a full days pay hit me up.

I like that rick astley finds rickrolling funny

This guys unorthodox set up has haunted my thoughts for 14 years now.

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Every so often I log onto the you tubes and am pleasantly surprised to see that the weirdest guy is still on it uploading his gross and weird cooking videos

Five critically endangered Scottish wildcat kittens have been born at the Highland Wildlife Park

Keepers have said they are doing 'extremely well' and are 'getting more confident' every day 🥰🥰🥰

Image credit: RZSS

Found a gem on trip advisor

Went in with my brother for a wee drink and found a pube in my pint, told the barman who laughed and said it’s no his cos he’s bald and shaves aw his balls. Discusting way to speak to your customers! If that was not bad enough we had ordered some fish and chips and we were served some cheap frozen crap from farm foods, when we questioned it we were told it was fresh caught that day by the owner. The place is a shambles.

Scrooge Mcduck is a racist caricature and a negative portrayal of my people. Shrek on the other hand is eerily on point.

Can't switch on the heating because the boiler is wired through some stupid smart thermostat that won't connect to the WiFi

oh my god I just heard my neighbour shouting at her kids and they are called william and harry

Nudity, nerd bait 

hey 😏

Support a fedi admin and get access to 1k+ lewds and nudes in the process

10% off your first month

Me (a frog) : Guys do you think it's getting kinda warm in here?

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