yet another reminder that jorts dot horse is open with massively overkill server resources -- seriously, we're using like 30% of our CPU power right now.

if you're thinkin' about moving off of dot social for whatever reasons, feel free to join the jorts rodeo!

this post brought to you by Arby's™: Damn THat's Some Fresh Meat!™


P.S. if this invite code expires before you get to use it (it will in a few days) just hit me up for a fresh one!

while we're here, don't forget to try a nice cold glass of Pepsi™ Barbecue Flavorblast™ SodaExperience™ to wash down your nice family dinner at Arby's™!!! Wow that's tasty!

@killeveryhetero Don't forget Jorts Horse Gang Members also receive a free year of Mastodon Premium, sponsored by Arby's!

Arby's, We Got The "Memes"

:promoted: Promoted by Arby's

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