Actually cannot believe this. After 13 years, Sony/BMG have decided to take down Rick Astley's "Never gunna give you up" due to a dispute with Youtube over ad royalties.

It's completely blocked globally. Actual end of an era.

@LumiKlovstad @vegetablegremlin because to be fun at parties, one must trust everyone else there to not be fucking with one

@eonity [ nodding ] no doubt you have the album already and dont need to worry about it being pulled down

@eonity @vegetablegremlin
I downloaded this video years ago.

At first it was just funny getting Rick Rolled but over the years the song actually grew on me.

@vegetablegremlin I would be banned from my instance if I were to say what I felt right now after clicking the link.

@vegetablegremlin I don't need to click it, cause I can already hear it in my head 😎

@vegetablegremlin the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people to rickroll themselves

@vegetablegremlin of course I'm gonna click on it, I love this song. It's not a rick roll if I want to listen to it

@vegetablegremlin holy shit this is sad, whatever that means 😭 because I'm lost

@vegetablegremlin But the era of pathetic music industry management continues. They long lost me as a customer anyway (rootkit on Audio CDs was the boiling point) apart from small independent labels & directly sold content by band/musicians. At least in Germany you sadly still pay them money automatically when buying anything that could potentially be used to copy music.

@vegetablegremlin gods fucking damn it, after all these years...

i clicked the fucking link....

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